Is Python An Ideal Choice For Your Startup?


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Your startup is like your baby!

Just like a baby demands all your attention at all times during the growth period, a startup requires the same. And it is not that easy to handle.

To build a startup from scratch, there are many aspects that play an indispensable role. A good team, better finances, a flourishing business niche, and many more are the key requirements of a startup.

But, it does not stop here. The growth of your startup highly depends on the demand for work you do. More importantly, the tools that you use.

For instance, you have or are planning to have a startup in web development. The development tool you use is a critical factor in deciding its growth. 6% of startups fail due to tech problems. Thus, the tools need to be chosen carefully.

There are countless development tools available today. You can opt for any of them. However, if you are targeting upscaling your startup a bit faster, go for Python. Python development has everything that you need to begin and upscale your startup.

Some mind-blowing stats about Python!

Python, unlike any other language, has the maximum popularity across the world. Here are some cool stats regarding Python.

  1. There are 1.4% websites that use Python as the server-side programming language.
  2. Python is the most wanted language for developers. 19.04% of developers expressed their interest in developing with it.
  3. stats about Python!

  4. There are over 8.2 million python developers in the world. This is a little less than HTML/CSS and way more than Java.
  5. Python developers are some of the top paid developers in the world. The mean salary of a Python developer is $150,000 a year.

And many more!

These all are clear evidence that Python is the king of all the other languages out there. If you are planning to begin a startup, Python can work wonders for you, and there are a lot of reasons supporting that.

Why choose Python for your development startup?

Python for your development startup
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Almost startup faces some challenges in the beginning, and one of them is choosing a development tool.

However, if you are hiring a python developer, you don’t have to worry much. Here is why!

The language is easy to learn

Unlike many other languages, Python has a smooth learning curve. The simple and easy-to-understand syntax of Python is similar to typing in English that makes it ideal for those who don’t have any experience of programming.

For instance, if you want to print something on the screen, the command in python is:

print(“Anything you want to display”)

If you study the syntax of any other language, it will be more than one line, whereas Python does it in only 1.

Other than this, in other languages, you may have to declare the functions that you will use further. However, in python, the libraries make it easy for you. You just have to declare the library on the top.

For example, Import Numpy as np or Import Pandas as pd.

It has a wide community

The age of the python language is over 30 years. This is enough time for any language to evolve, and Python has done that. Python has millions of developers across the world that are always ready to help budding developers.

The community is not just limited to providing verbal or textual support over various forums. Newbies in the language can also get videos, detailed documentation, and guides for python development for their skill enhancement.

Support for trending technologies

Though python is an older language, it holds the proficiency to support all modern-day technologies. Today, many of the industry sectors are using cloud computing, AI, big data analytics, and machine learning technologies.

All of these top-end technologies are backed by python. Therefore, making it ideal for you if you want to upscale your business in the future.

It is open source

The best thing about python is that it is open-source. So, you won’t have to spend any hefty amount to begin your programming journey. In contrast, the open-source nature of python will also reduce your overall investment in the startup.

It is packed with all the best libraries

To make sure that your python application development cost is less and the process is faster, python offers you countless libraries. These libraries can be used to perform complex calculations quicker than any other language.

On top of that, some libraries can be used for plotting charts and making websites. Some of the best Python libraries are:

  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Matplotlib
  • SciPy

And many more!

All these are some of the few factors that make python ideal for your startup.

What are the advantages of choosing Python for your startup?

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As we are well-versed with the features of the language, let’s have a look at the pros of using python for your startup!

Faster time to market

Python is easy to grasp and has a simple syntax. Therefore, when your app or website development team uses python, it will take less time for development as compared to other languages. Hence, the app developed can be rolled out into the market faster.

Little to no training is required

As Python has a huge online community and is also backed by tech giant Google, the developers will require little to no training to be proficient in it. Google has made a dedicated portal for python developers where developers can get all their doubts resolved.

Innovative solutions

Python is the core of countless technologies today. Therefore, if you are adopting python for your startup, it will be super easy for you to keep up with all the upcoming trends by producing innovative products. Python backs AI, automation, machine learning, blockchain, and many other technologies.

Technology is changing at a superb rate, and there is no stopping it. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, AR, and whatnot are coming up with new trends each day. All of these technologies have something secure and comprehensive at their core, and that is Python. Python is the ideal option as of now for technology companies, and there are many reasons for that.

If you aim to be the best python development company, now is the time to adopt the language.


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