Infographic: Spooky Stats about Poor Customer Service


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Halloween is the perfect time to talk about “horror stories” in customer service. We’ve all had the occasional run-in with a particularly unhelpful agent, or found ourselves trapped in the dreaded infinite IVR loop. We can laugh about it, but today’s customers are actually far less forgiving of these experiences than buyers of the past, and they’re more likely to take to social media networks and start naming names. On average, each unhappy customer tells about 15 people about the experience – compared with telling 9 others about a great one.

The infographic below highlights a couple of important statistics like these to “beware” of as we head into the all-important holiday selling season this year. We’re serious about giving you the tools you need to protect your brand and deliver the kind of experiences that are a delight (not fright!) to your customers. Learn more about how Aspect can help.

Spooky customer service stats infographic



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