Infographic – How website loading speed affects the CX and UX?


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Customer experience is challenging with the break of every new touch point. Talking about websites in particular, loading times impact the customer experience drastically. Given the fast surfing experience that the internet providers are providing, it is inevitable to match up with the standard and provide a superfast loading time. There are various ways you can achieve this like by reducing the number of HTTP requests, compressing the image and CSS files, reducing the load time through CDN and so much more.

Our team has come up with an interesting infographic that will help you enhance your customer experience and at the same time enhance the bottom lines. The infographic covers some staggering stats on how loading time hampers the SEO, brand image and ROI alongside providing some amazing tips to optimize page load time.

Have a look at our Page Load Time infographic and stay blessed with a superfast website

Page Load Time Infographic


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