In the Spirit of Dr Seuss – A Customer Experience Holiday Poem


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We are almost through the Holidays and a brand, new and exciting year is ahead of us. A year with more opportunities than ever to impress our customers with the great service and personalization they deserve.

This year, inspired by the great book “Oh the places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss, we decided to inspire our partners, clients and employees with a holiday poem. It was so well received so I wanted to share it with all of you here at

The poem’s general message can serve as food for thought moving into 2016 – Give your customers want they want – smooth and seamless journeys.

Happy New CX Year!

The Customer Holiday

Twas the week before Christmas at a sad little store
Where people were waiting for service and more
The lines snaked here, and the lines snaked there
Frustrated people in lines…everywhere

Suddenly, a voice rang out and pierced the night
Can’t they do something? This doesn’t seem right!
I’ve got things to do, I don’t want to wait!
Waiting is tiring and it makes me late.

I always wonder, am I next?
Just tell me, please tell me – just send a text!
Oh, the errands I’d run, the things that I’d do…
If I wasn’t in this annoying queue!

On the same night, at stores across town
Customers smiled with nary a frown
They moved through stores, DMVs, and banks
Through clinics and offices with bountiful thanks

By line, by queue, and row by row
Customers moved – they were on the GO!
No complaints, angry faces, no yelling, or whines
Because of mobile appointments and digital signs

So to all of our customers now and next year
Qmatic extends to you holiday cheer
Good tidings to all who love customer flow
It’s our pleasure to keep the world in GO!

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