Importance Of Integrating Social Media Into Mobile App Development


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Apps on mobile phones revolutionized mobile technology. Today, what was a communication device has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses. In fact, our everyday life depends on mobile phones and apps. The truth is; mobile apps have become an essential part of our society and human life.

The mobile app industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with over 3 million apps in the market. The more people get access to mobile phones; the more mobile apps will continue to grow. The mobile app industry has become a competitive one. In fact, things have changed in the industry. Apps that were once considered great with excellent features are now obsolete. This is not because such apps are not good but they fall short of the competitive market standard.

Today, app companies need innovative ideas to maintain relevance in the industry. But can most top app development companies compete as the industry continues to grow? One innovative idea that can help is; integrating social media into the mobile app development process. Doing this offer app developers opportunities that will help them maintain industry relevance. More so, it will bring about business growth via app downloads and use.

What is social media?

Social media is a collective of powerful online communication channels. These channels are platforms of people-based interactions, collaborations, and sharing of content. It is a chain of websites and mobile apps. These websites and apps are created so you can share content faster, effectively, proficiently and in real-time. Here, you can create community-focused interactions to inform your audience about your apps. Social media and its ability to convey ideas in real-time have transformed our way of life and businesses.

In fact, this is one of its relevant uses if integrated with mobile app development. This is why many top app development companies innovate with social media in app development. The important roles of social media in mobile app development cannot be questioned because it has proven results to show.

Why social media in mobile app development?

Social media has basically changed the way app developers interact with and app users. What was once an innovative avenue to reaching customers is now an essential tool in the app industry. Today, it is a major tool for customer relation, marketing, and customer care. Here is why most top app development companies need social media in app development.

1. Connectivity

You need social media in app development to connect with potential app users with ease. Social media gives you the platforms to inform app users across the globe about your app. Here, location and religion is not a barrier as you can connect with anyone from anyplace in the world. You connect with app users to learn and share ideas about your app in real-time with ease. Hence, you have platforms to educate app users with ease about your app and its many benefits. Many top app development companies think connectivity with app users is vital for business survival.

2. Amplified App/brand awareness

Creating a great app with excellent features does not guaranty the success of such app in the market. Your app is a brand that needs the right market to succeed. The truth is; your app will fail without the right audience in the competitive app market. So, there is the need to integrate social media into app development for brand awareness. It will help you in creating awareness for your app aimed at getting it across to the right audience. With this, you can reach millions of people about your app across the globe. The truth is; social media is a cost-efficient means that can increase the visibility of your app. It brings about app recognition considering the potential millions of app users you can reach. Thus, social media in app development is good for most top app development companies.

3. Better customer satisfaction

Social media is a platform where you can network and communicate with app users. So, you can create a strong voice for your app on social media via its many platforms. This is important if you want to humanize your brand (app) and at the same time reach a huge audience. App users will appreciate you if you can humanize your app. This results in increased customer satisfaction with results been app downloads and use. Social media is a platform to create and improve on the publicity of your app. Many top app development companies use social media to drive customer satisfaction.

4. Large audience of potential app users

Across the globe, over 1 billion people use various social media platforms daily. These huge numbers of persons are all potential app users you can reach to your advantage. Hence, social media in app development helps you to reach the right audience for your app. This is why social media has become a part of app development for many top app development companies.

5. Higher conversion rate

Social media gives your app a huge visibility to the right audience across the globe. Thus, offers opportunities for a higher conversation rate for your app. Integrating social media with app development, you can humanize your app with ease. Here, you get interactive with the right audience via blogs, videos, and many others about your app. With this, you can personify your brand (app) via the various social media channels. Users will download apps your apps if you personify such apps as against those who don’t. Remember, many people use social media to connect with loved ones and a lot of people. So, it important you throw your apps into the mix since people are already talking on social media? Higher conversation rate has engendered most top app development companies to social media.

6. Cost-efficient

Social media is the most cost-efficient awareness strategy to integrate into app development. Doing this would cost you almost nothing as compared to other strategies. The truth is; you spend less when you use social media in app development. Thus, it saves you cost and helps you maintain your budget. This is a huge advantage due to the massive ROI it brings to most top app development companies.

Maximizing social media for mobile app development

You maximize social media for better performance in mobile app development. To achieve this, you must do the following:

1. Add audio and videos to your social media communication

2. Add social media shares to your post

3. Beef up blogging about your app

4. Encourage feedback from app users


  1. Off course without the integration of the mobile app into the social media, no application can be promoted and can be stabilized in the market. And yes, importance is well discussed in this blog as a perfect one!


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