How to Improve CX & Trust of Online Store Customers with Digital Marketing


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Every online store wants to increase traffic and make sales. But even after investing a lot of efforts and money for digital marketing, only a few stores excel and others struggle finding customers. A sound digital marketing tactic involves creating and executing an ecommerce marketing plan, using the right tools and channels, and tracking the results and performance of campaigns.

Remember that there’s no “magic bullet” one can use to reach out to a wider audience and make sales. Driving ecommerce sales is no child’s play. You can use different digital marketing tactics and track their performance. You may have to conduct trial and errors for finding out which technique works the best for your brand.

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We’ve listed the top tactics that can help online store owners. You can use either one or multiple techniques for enticing your customers.

1. Create the right content

Digital marketing is nothing without the right content strategy. Producing thought-provoking and interesting content is the key to a successful online marketing campaign. Understand your audience and their persona, conduct keyword research, and produce content that engages your audience. Jump on the social media and competitor sites to get ideas for the content. Content is a never-ending process that needs to be analyzed on a regular basis. Keep experimenting with new things when it comes to producing content for your digital marketing campaigns.

2. Use Social Media to Connect with Fans

Social media is the perfect place to share your brand personality and build strong relationships with your customers. When done right, you can make meaningful connections with your audience. There are so many ways in which you can use social media to build a strong online presence. Businesses make use of social media to share updates about what’s happening with their business, information related to their products and services, and industry and market news.

3. Better Customer service

Far more than a place to connect with friends and family, social media platforms are used by brands to answer the customers’ queries, resolve issues, and provide solutions to their concerns. The emergence of social media has given consumers a new way to interact with the brands. When customers use social media channels to complain, businesses listen to them and provide an appropriate solution.

4. Use Loyalty Programs

Did you know that it costs 10 times more to attain a customer than it requires retaining them? Customer loyalty programs are a popular digital marketing technique that is used by small and large business owners these days. You do not need a huge budget for it – You need to understand the USP of your products and service to plan an effective loyalty program for your consumers. Some of the great ways of customer loyalty programs can be referrals, sharing messages on social media, leaving reviews, and watching videos. Brands can also use the points system, rewards, discount coupon codes, and more to engage the users.

5. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Customers may cancel their purchase if they do not see the payment option they prefer. Users feel comfortable with online stores that offer multiple payment solutions. Many online merchants aren’t aware of the advantages of having multiple payment methods. Make sure that your ecommerce store has easy and secure payment options and multiple options for the customers to choose from.

6. Use Trust Signals

Every ecommerce store needs trust signals. Without proper trust signals, you cannot expect good conversion rates. It is a known fact that trust signals inspire the customers to trust your brand. Guarantee trust signals, testimonials and reviews, social proof trust signals, and membership or accreditation trust signals can be displayed on your website and other profiles to increase the conversion rate optimization.

7. Use Social Proof on Your Website

Reviews are one of the most common examples of social proofs for ecommerce stores. Social proof helps to increase buyer confidence and convince consumers to buy from your online website. Social proofs include businesses’ social media followers, blog posts, news, and product reviews that mention your products or services. Incorporating different types of real-life social proofs can make your brand popular.

Key Elements to Building Brand Trust

Whether you are a B2B company or a B2B, major consumer brand or technology startup, you may be struggling with a similar challenge for your business: Building brand trust and boosting conversion rates. There are countless strategies and technologies to help you address these challenges. Just like personal relationships, building brand trust can take a lot of efforts and time.

Four Factors of building brand trust


– Brands need to put in efforts consistently for marketing tactics to build trust among your users. Digital marketing strategy starts with content creation and ends with the successful implementation of an online marketing campaign. Make sure that you stick to your campaigns and track the performance on a regular basis.


– After producing content consistently, you should think of planning relevant strategies matching your customers’ expectations and choices. Your tactics should speak your brand’s purpose and deliver the right message to your readers. Address the issues of the users and deliver the best content that builds trust.


– Make sure that you post relevant information only and do not make any fake commitments. Create content that is correct and you should have facts revolving around it.


– Never ignore your customers. If they post anything related to your brand, appreciate them and acknowledge them. A simple thank you note can do wonders to their support for your brand.

How we Build the Trust and Better User Experience?

Building trust with customers is very important. But with time and competition, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get people to trust your website enough to make purchases on it. Here’s what we did to increase the website traffic and then maximize the number of visitors you convert into customers for Nuform Cabinetry – Online Cabinet Store in USA, Florida.

1. Improved the Website Design – We understand that first impressions are important in any type of business, they are even more important for online stores. So, to improve the UX of the website, we made some design changes to answer the questions – If a prospective customer looked at this site, would they trust you enough to give you their money or credit card information?

2. Frequently Updated Blog (With Great Content) – Poor content creates a bad impression of your brand among the readers. It is important to have reliable and informative content written by experts. We maintain our blog on a regular basis and provide the latest updates and information to our customers.

3. Secure Checkout and Improved Checkout Process – Ensuring that the third-party payment vendor you choose is reliable and remains current on the latest security technology is extremely important. You can add an icon to let the customers know that the transactions are safe and secure.

4. Fix Broken Links – One common mistake that can lose potential customers is broken links, which convey a sense of unprofessionalism and failure to pay attention to detail. Make sure that you get rid of broken links in order to win the customers’ trust.

5. Privacy Policy – In a time where identity theft and the leaking of sensitive information have become all too common, it’s smart to prove that customers’ private data will remain secure when they do business with you. Mention all the privacy policies stating that you would not be sharing any private information or credit card details of the customers with any third party.

By employing these simple signals we have been able to improve prospects and gain customers trust and increase sales of kitchen cabinets.

Wrapping Up – Be Authentic
Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword in marketing. It’s where we are headed. We believe in being authentic and real. No matter what digital marketing tactics we use, we keep our users in mind. We focus on complete client satisfaction.

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