How to Ace Decision Making for Your Business with Tableau?


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The scenario of business in the market has drastically changed in the past few years. Be it e-commerce or retail, customers have higher expectations, more demands and nonetheless exhaustive options. Because the Internet became a prime channel of doing business, organizations began to see this as an exciting opportunity to reach out to a huge audience without having to worry about spending a lot of money on traditional advertising channels like the television and radio.

E-commerce became a huge hit, over some time and to an extent that a majority of shoppers skip the retail experience because they get their products delivered to the door. More offers, discounts, and engaging marketing practices started becoming common to lure the customers towards their brand. Organizations were coming up the brightest and most quirky campaigns to make the most of their business and drive the customers to take a decision in favor of their businesses. And the customers were at an immense profit from the entire competition going on in the market. They were getting what they want, with better facilities and offers.

Big organizations started playing the technology card in this scenario and used the most cutting edge technologies to make a move on the customer. As a result, it raised the expectations of the customers and they started expecting the same level of heightened experience from all others in the market. This put a heavy burden on the shoulders of the small and medium retail businesses who were already finding it hard to keep u with the winds of change in the market.

But as sad as SMEs thnk the scenario might be, it isn’t the same and is a hundred percent seizable with technological intervention. Only if these organizations started seeing data as the key to their success. Data is the driving force behind successful businesses that give them the power to better decision making among others. But as important as it is to collect the data, it is equally important to act upon the underlying insights that it is hiding. And that’s why organizations need data analytics at their rescue.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

While it may not appear intuitive why data analytics and business intelligence are key to moving forward, they are the driving force of an organization’s success in the modern world. Because of the reason that customer demands are rising and keep on fluctuating with changing trends, it is imperative for organizations at all levels to study their behavior constantly and come with strategies that are backed by this data.

Only then organizations can truly understand the reason behind a customer’s choice, the pattern of purchase along with various other factors that have a direct impact on an organization’s revenue. While data analytics can help an organization process the collected data and derive meaningful insights out of it, it is business intelligence that helps them make data-backed decisions.

With the current pace of change and intervention of technology into core business processes, it is imperative that organizations stay one step ahead of the demands of the customer. They must be able to predict certain fundamental elements of business-like sales, customer behavior, purchasing pattern, demand for inventory among others.

While it might seem like a tough job to do all this considering the resource constraint for small businesses, there is a way out in analytics platforms available in the market. Take tableau as an example. The platform provides a perfect blend of analytics and business intelligence that helps an organization make decisions amidst the cut-throat market competition.

Why Focus on Decision Making?

The underlying question in while dealing with data remains, why do we need to take care of decision making and why can’t it be done in the same old traditional manner. The point is gone are the days when businesses could go on in the market making decisions intuitively. Maybe it worked in previous times because the market was relatively simple and there was much less competition. Moreover, the technological intervention was not this fierce, the way it is today. If we take a look around today, we can easily find every other organization trying to implement technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning in one form or the other.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for making decisions that are a hundred percent backed by proof, known as data. Data analytics help in accomplishing all this, and keeps organizations one step ahead so that they get to see through the market clearly and make a conscious decision to enhance customer satisfaction or increase sales and drive conversions. After all, better decision making directly accounts for a deeper understanding of your customer personas, higher satisfaction by catering to their needs more effectively.

Why Try Tableau for Your Business?

Tableau consulting, on the other hand, has all the elements that a business needs to sustain itself and shine in the market. It helps organizations and enterprises see through all the data clearly, that is coming from different departments of their organizations in multiple formats. It dives down into the plethora of important reports and styles, only to come up with meaningful charts in a way that you prefer. Data visualization thus is at the heart of Tableau. But it isn’t just for data analysts who are eager to make an impact in the organization. Tableau also assists the organization with non-scientific tasks like data preparation among others.


The market can be an intimidating place for organizations that have a constant urge to resist everything that is coming their way. In such times, one must look upon these tech titans as examples, who embrace technological developments and move forward with the waves of change. Once organizations realize that change is the only constant they will learn to see data as the only force that they can depend upon for accomplishing their goals.

James Warner
James Warner is a highly skilled and experienced offshore software developer at NEX Softsys. He has bright technology knowledge to develop IT business system which includes user friendly access and advanced features.


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