How Does the Metaverse Relate to Virtual Reality?


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Metaverse Relate to Virtual Reality
Metaverse Relate to Virtual Reality

Metaverse is an emerging technology developed by Meta that is going to revolutionalise the online gaming industry. The technology is still in the development phase and there is already a significant amount of hype around it. Metaverse technology enables users to access a simulation of the real world where users can connect, interact, shop, and carry out various functions with the help of virtual reality. The technology is closely related to virtual reality technology and with multiple big companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Google investing in it, Metaverse has become a hot topic in the tech space. 

Metaverse got the spotlight when Facebook rebranded itself to Meta and issued a statement about the launch of Metaverse. The announcement came at the same time when the company reached a milestone of selling 10 million Oculus VR headsets, intriguing users about the link between VR and Metaverse. 

Are you also curious about how VR technology is related to the Metaverse? Fret not, in this article we will highlight the factors that connect both future technologies together. 

What is Metaverse?

According to Meta, the Metaverse will be a unification of physical and virtual realities allowing lifelike interactions in a digital environment. With the help of AR and VR technology, users will be able to experience almost tangible conditions. Working, running, shopping, travelling, or just talking you will be able to do everything in the Metaverse theoretically. The top tech companies of the world like Google and Microsoft have also shown interest in the Metaverse technology. The tech space sees the technology as a binding glue that could facilitate interoperable and multi-sensory viable conditions. 

But how is this technology related to Virtual Reality? We are getting there. But first, we have to learn about Virtual Reality. 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality technology creates a simulated environment that can be accessed using VR headsets. The technology allows the user to enter a 3D world where they can interact with their surrounding elements. VR has been around for quite some time now. This advanced technology is widely used in online games and allows users to immerse themselves in digital surroundings, creating an engrossing and engaging virtual reality experience. The technology is deeply linked to Metaverse as it strengthens the core infrastructure of Metaverse technology. 

Now, let’s shed some light on the uses of virtual reality in Metaverse. 

Uses of VR in Metaverse

Let us see the various uses of virtual reality that facilitate the Metaverse technology. 

Gaming Sector

VR games are already some of the most immersive gaming experiences. Couple that with Metaverse technology and you can experience the thrill of a real-like gaming experience. You can play VR games set in the Metaverse. Users can even experience and play extreme sports from the comfort of their homes. 

The combination of these technologies will be groundbreaking for the gaming industry. Moreover, the gaming sector is already home to various Metaverse game development companies that are trying to develop engaging and interactive Metaverse games. Companies like Roblox and Decentraland have already developed their virtual worlds. 

Military Sector

The Metaverse can also be used by the military sector to facilitate combat training. The simulation can create a war-like environment where soldiers can get accustomed to the pressure and situations they might face on a real battlefield. The advancements in technology is going to benefit not just the technology sector but other industries as well. 

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from Metaverse and virtual reality technology. Doctors, practitioners and medical students can use VR to perform simulated surgeries on Metaverse avatars. This will help polish their skills and eliminate the risk of mistakes during surgeries. 

Education Sector

Emerging technologies like AR/VR and Metaverse can be adopted by the education sector. VR screens can be used to provide an immersive class experience for students. 3D models can be used in virtual reality to provide a better understanding of concepts. Moreover, with the help of virtual reality game development, VR educational games can be created that are based on the Metaverse to provide a fun and engaging learning experience to the students. 

Virtual Events

With the help of VR and Metaverse, users can access virtual concerts held inside the Metaverse. The advent of Metaverse will allow users to attend various events like concerts, galas, and other global events straight from the comfort of their homes. For example- Fortnite held a virtual concert featuring big stars like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande on their platform. Users were able to experience the concert with their avatars. 

Travelling Sector

Virtual reality allows users to travel the world and experience different cultures while sitting in their homes. Unbelievable, Right? The technology when coupled with Metaverse will allow users to explore an open-world environment and interact with elements using their avatars. It provides an immersive and vivid experience that is difficult to distinguish from reality. 

Final Words

Technologies like AR/VR, AI, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are integral to the existence and growth of the Metaverse. Virtual reality technology provides a simulated digital world experience with the help of equipment like VR headsets and helmets. However, these gadgets are still very expensive. Maybe when this technology is developed and implemented efficiently, the prices of this equipment will drop. VR and Metaverse are still in its development stage and there is still a lot of time before we can completely harness and experience the power of the Metaverse.


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