How Badly Do You Need Customer Service Videos For Your Business?


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Let’s be honest, when you want to know why your computer stopped working and how to fix it, you’d rather see a video on YouTube than read a manual book to find the solution. Your customers actually feel the same way. 

68% of individuals said they would prefer watching a video than contacting a company’s support service to solve a problem with a product.

Whatever product or service you offer, your customers will be more satisfied if you provide a video to help them fix their problem as fast as possible. 

To them, a video is more likely to offer digestible information that is easier to follow. Your customers can directly practice what they have seen in the video. It is way more flexible than waiting for your support service team to explain the solution through a call or email.   

Due to that fact, you need to consider providing customer service videos because your customers want a quick and reliable resolution for their woes. 

Today, let’s scope out more reasons why your business needs a customer service video. You will see how it can benefit your business.

#1. Provide Instant Solutions to Any Issues

We can’t ignore that living in a fast-paced world has changed customers’ habits. Waiting for a long queue to talk or have a live chat with a customer service agent is outdated and frustrates people. Nowadays, people want every brand to respond to their queries instantly and effectively. 

A video can perfectly address the issue through a step-by-step procedure with total clarity, rather than let your agent type a lengthy explanation that will make your customer more confused and leave room for ambiguity and interpretation. 

Text-based answers tend to make people go back and forth with the support team because the first explanation is insufficient to resolve the problem. 

Yet, providing a customer service video that thoroughly explains your products and how to fix a problem will help your customers solve the root problem from the first conversation. When they miss a certain point, they can easily play it again and again.  

More than that, there is a scientific reason why video can help people solve a problem quickly. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed at 60,000 times faster than text.

#2. Reduce the customer drop-off rate

According to a study, around 82% of customers can’t stand a business that does not offer a quick and immediate resolution. They have left a brand because of poor customer service experiences. 

There is no other option than a customer service video to meet people’s expectations of getting a fast and responsive solution to fix their issues. A video will satisfy them because the solution is instantaneous. 

They will feel that you do care about their problem and listen to their complaint. Those feelings will lead to customers’ loyalty and retention. It is also a significant step to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

Not only can a customer service video reduce the drop-off rate, but it also answers the public demand who are sick of poor customer service experiences. 

A recent survey shows that 42% of people are willing to spend up to 16% extra for a product with excellent customer service, for instance, integrating a video to assist customers. It clearly shows how a customer service video can benefit both the company and customers. 

#3. Improve customer satisfaction rate

Customer satisfaction acts as a critical element to ensure your business keeps moving forward. According to research, a failure to promptly resolve a problem is one of the top reasons customers are not satisfied with a brand. 

However, a customer service video allows people to self-serve and find a better way to solve their problems. It makes them happy and they will give a good rate for your organization.

Once the customer satisfaction rate increases, your company will gain some benefits, such as: 

  • 89% of individuals tend to make another purchase from the same brand after experiencing positive customer service. 
  • It helps to enhance customer retention by 5%.
  • When businesses prioritize excellent customer experiences, they can generate sales between 4% and 8% higher than their market.

#4. Lower Customer Service Costs

You can use a customer service video instead of investing a lot of money to hire more support staff. It can be a long-term investment since the queries or issues that arise from time to time may be identical. 

You can post the video on your FAQ page so people can easily access it 24/7 or have your support team provide the URL to everyone who contacts them. It will be more efficient than typing thousands of words or discussing it over the phone.

Service videos also allow you to deliver information to customers in any language and with subtitles. It also caters to a broader consumer base of people with disabilities. For them, using email or phone help may be difficult, but you can generate sign language through a video.

Another aspect to consider is that around 30% of incoming calls are repeated. Isn’t it somewhat time-consuming? You can use that time to focus on anything else or respond to more individuals rather than keep them waiting.

When it comes to cost, a corporation can save 10% by implementing a video. It’s predicted that if you pay $20 every call, you’ll save $200,000 for three months.

#5. Gain new customers

You can achieve more than just making your existing consumers stay longer. A customer service video increases your chances of gaining new customers. 

When they have an excellent customer service experience, 38% of consumers want to tell their friends about it. Unsatisfied consumers, on the contrary, will speak to 9-15 people about their bad experiences. 

It implies you’re likely to lose at least nine potential consumers if you can’t afford the best customer service experience.


There are endless benefits from speeding up the resolution process to attracting new customers when you generate a customer service video.  It is advantageous to your company in terms of satisfaction rate and company expense. On the other hand, customers are pleased with the tremendous effort you put in to serve them.

Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).


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