Factors Responsible To Convert The Ouch Moment To Aha Moment For Your Mobile App


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What can make an app a perfect piece? A perfect piece, which users would go crazy to download and the server would receive unprecedented traffic from the end-users and media would capture every single update/feature or move made by the app…

Isn’t it the most mesmerizing aspect you have heard for today?
Yes, it is, and no wonders, it is a dream and the aim behind every app, but not every app lives this dream of expectation and some are lost even after having some of a fascinating concept and features as a part of their app and after being developed by the leading companies offering the app development services.

Many business owners when they decide to pick an app for their business, live in a pool of misconception stating that My app my rules…which looks so interesting and confident to read, but is actually a piece of crap, which ultimately turns out to be one of the major reason behind your app rejection.

The most disturbing, yes the disturbing fact suggests that your app cannot just be a hit due to its sizzling app concept, which most of us always consider, that a good app concept is always sufficient to make an app popular.
Indeed, the app concept plays a vital role in making the app popular, but it is not sufficient all alone, but there are some other factors as well, which have to be taken into serious consideration to making your app wildly popular, such as:


I believe in this strategy and feel it be TL; DR for my tech talks. When you decide to develop an app, the very first fact you need to make a peace with is taking the inspiration. Please take a note that there is a huge difference between taking the inspiration or copying, the latter is never accepted, but if the first is appraised carefully, it can change the face of the game entirely.

Look around and try to find that what makes the existing popular apps different from others? What are they doing differently? Is it the glittery app design? Or that quirky app name? or whether it is the dosage of animations in the app, which help the mobile app to succeed?

Yes, app name, app design, animations and the app features help a mobile app to go famous, but something the most recognizable apps follow in each of their strategies is

And surprisingly none of the well- known mobile apps, never skip on any of these four factors.
Need an explanation for each?

Don’t lose the focus

What focus am I referring to? Is it all about some focus on my main business? No, it is all about the focus within your app. When you plan an app, the very first thing you need to find out is the purpose behind the app, you must know that what is the purpose behind your app and how each of the app’s element would join together to make that focus become more presentable.

For instance, WhatsApp was built as a chat-app, which let the people across the globe to connect with each other wherein they can chat regardless of time and zone barrier. Thus the app’s main purpose remained to be on chatting, and gradually the app expanded on the call, video call, status and many other features which have been launched step-by-step.

In the same way, your app must not lose its main purpose by adding different features offering different flavors. Your users need some time to get accustomed to what your app has to offer.

Don’t forget your Audience

Every app is alive and exists in the app market when it is able to come across the expectations of the audience, and if something doesn’t suit audience palate, then even if the app has millions of wonderful features, it would never win the hearts of users.

But why does it happen?

It happens majorly, due to the when an app is developed while forgetting the users entirely. When you develop an app, remember your users work as your guide for success, where they direct your app to be developed in a successful direction. Thus pay attention to what your users are looking for and what are they really willing to get from your app, you can grab this information through the research done.

Don’t make your app creepy, make it stable

Can you enjoy an app with a great app concept, amazing features but filled with the bugs and crashes now and then? I know your answer it is NO.

It is but obvious for the users to reject and uninstall your app, if they encounter any sort of crashes in the app when you invest in the app development then make sure that app testing is highly practiced by the developers since the very initial phase of development ranging from conceptual testing to functional testing.
Your app needs to go through a very ardent testing process in order to come out as clean, stable and with faster response. If you fail to get a hold on the app performance, no feature, name or animation can save your app from being doomed away.

Don’t miss the Polish

The way your recently brought table has made an entry into your drawing room is just because of the polishing is done to every detail of the table, after crafting it from a piece wood log. The polish done to any aspect makes it enliven and gives it a life.

In the same manner, polishing your app can help it to get separated from the pool of existing apps, you can opt for the ways like adding subtle transitions, sound effects and even the slightest button within the app is perfectly designed and navigated, so the users feel special and attached to your app.

Remember, as a whole, these factors help your users to experience an app developed by the top mobile app development company, which they have always desired for and would be happy to use it further. Thus if you want your app to be acknowledged amongst the pool of existing random apps, simply follow and integrate these tips into your app and feel the magic.

Ankit Singh
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