Essential Personal Security Facts Your Customers Need to be Aware


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There is a huge gap between just providing the service your customers are acquiring and creating solutions for their common-day inconveniences. As part of such a competitive industry like what e-commerce can be thought of, from time to time we can come across users dealing with inconveniences like being victims of hackers, having their gear stolen – or if we want a better outcome – damaged, thus, they cannot access to whatever they did acquire at your store, which automatically translates into Customer Service Support.

For some brands, Customer Service is a limited-time deference for giving credit to your brand. Fortunately for most people, Customer Service is nowadays thought as part of a company’s identity; hence, they feel proud of giving a top-notch care as a natural response of what they been instructed a brand should behave.

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Is there something we can do for making negative, real-life experiences, a much tolerable event for our clients? Let’s analyse these simple steps that can give a boost to your customer’s personal security standards.

Online Vendors and Payments

When processing an online purchase, as we commonly do either by convenience or for accessing to goods that aren’t available in the nearby area, it is crucial we take at least 5 minutes to identify if the site is trustworthy.

Regardless of what you can consider your website to look like, unprofessional layouts or constant bugs are a way to dissuade people from acquiring your products/services as not only they can see it as a potential spam, but also they could be cautious of not experiencing any failed transaction scenario (i.e.: the payment was processed by the card vendor, but the order shows as unpaid).


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A major downside for clients is linked to the times banking entities take to update the last purchases made by a customer, so if a brand has a 12-hour refund policy and the payment isn’t displayed yet to show valid proof of purchase, what a company gets back is hate mail.

Prevent such inconveniences from happening by doing periodical controls on your website, especially when we talk about third-party plugins for such delicate processes. In the long term, both parties will be thankful for that time-consuming task.

Safe Home for a Safer Life

Even if we can say there were many, many developments in what regards to the home security industry, there is still a plenty road to walk for coming up with smarter solutions that reduce not only initial investments but also improve long-term efficiency.

Nearly 2 out of 3 people who seek Customer Service help over a lost product is due to a third-person intromission on the client’s usually laid-back lifestyle: cyber criminals, burglars, etc. This is a clear sign on how technology keeps becoming the preferred target for criminals when it comes to stealing property; which considering the amount of information we can keep in something as tiny as a smartphone, means an open gate to every aspect of our intimacy.


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There are many tips and techniques we can take into consideration when building a safer household, for example, picking between alarm system providers or, if we are brave enough, setting up our own DIY home security system in a blink of an eye.

Cars are also one of the most common ways in which electronic devices get stolen, like when we carry a laptop next to us in the passenger seat or if we park the car for several hours leaving valuable items inside. These lifestyle habits can be corrected in time to prevent further inconveniences not just when comes to stolen products but also for protecting our backs against whatever consequence event may arise after items containing our personal data get stolen.

As a brand, you can help your customers to prevent themselves on this behalf by sharing trendy news regarding new stealing methods, known security breaches (for email accounts, ATMs, home security systems, etc.), and account-protection tips through your social media networks. Who knows? If the information you are providing seems to be useful enough, you are also prone to expand your follower’s count.

Teach The Importance of Backups

When hard drives decide it’s enough lifetime for them, or if we were unfortunate enough to have experienced the techniques of marauders, it comes the bittersweet moment to acknowledge if we were careful enough to keep a backup of all the data we stored in our devices.

Something as simple and practical to apply in real life should be encouraged by brands themselves, and how can we teach users the importance of backups?

  • Do blog posts at your website teaching methods for creating backups and showcasing all the scenarios in which data can get damaged or lost.
  • Explain the direct link between data and money our society believes.
  • Send products through cloud service clients like Dropbox or Google Drive. If you request your customers to input their cloud storage client account by the time of sign up, then products can be easily transferred to their account, thus creating a backup of the file under the same step.


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How Does This Make My Brand to Grow?

Like we stated above, being a businessperson isn’t just earning money or properties to be a total show off. People in general no longer appreciate that archaic model of how a successful person should behave. Thus you are likely to get a better rapport if you show how much you care about the loyal customer database your persistence helped to build. In any case, there isn’t better advertisement than happy customer referrals and the best of all? They are free!

Help your clients to prevent misfortunate events from happening – or at least reducing the harmful impact they might have on their businesses and personal lives – and be sure you are taking the proper step towards creative entrepreneurship.

Vikas Agrawal
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