Doing a Taxi business? 7 Things you can do improve customer experience


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Various people have started a taxi business or wanted to start one, but have seen everything going in vain; which stopped them there only. Doing a taxi business isn’t that easy as it seems to be! It requires a sheer passion and determination to accomplish the highest mark in the taxi business. Initially, every new idea or business has to face several hurdles. Every startup requires a certain amount of hard work and a bit of smartness to accomplish and excel in the desired goals.

Coming back to the taxi business, the very first priority in this business is customer satisfaction. The happier the customers are with the taxi businesses, the more will be the profit. It will also increase the brand value of the associated taxi company. But, for an improvement in the customer experience, there are certain techniques and norms which should be followed by a successful taxi business.

So, let’s look at some things which can be improved without much investment.

1) Work With Committed Drivers Only

The highest level targeted by any taxi business owner is to keep the level of service high. The higher will be the service levels; greater will be the customer satisfaction as well as the revenue. Quite Simple! Right? In simple words, your drivers must be pleasant and helpful. They must take an utmost care of your clients. Since the drivers are working remotely, there is a need to have a keen eye for every driver, to check that their work is done efficiently. In a taxi driving business, the key is not only to hire drivers who need money, but the goal is to hire those who love driving and don’t work solely just for money.

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2) Make Sure Your Operators And Drivers Stay in Touch

A perfect sync between the operators and drivers is all that is needed for an impressive customer experience. One of the most popular customer complaints, we hear every time, is the delay of Taxies. It has become a daily ritual of drivers who give a time estimation of 3 minutes and come after 10 minutes. Some drivers have made this their daily routine and run for the booking from which they are getting more money. All of these situations occur because of the miscommunication between the operator and the driver. In reality, it’s not good for the business or for the customer. Customers might face a delay in arrival which may cause missing the flight or train, an event, etc.

Hence for a better communication, a top-notch dispatch system should be the priority and the operators should know every step of orders as in when to assist with the accurate information.

3) Having a Right Tool for The Operators

This point is a type of extension of the previous point with some kind of a deeper reasoning. Ranging from 50% to 70% of the taxi company’s staff are phone operators. With such a huge number, it leaves a hole in the accommodating budget. In such cases, the taxi companies fail to provide their customers a value of satisfaction because much of their money is wasted in giving salaries to their office employees.

In such cases, you can use the Taxi-Startup app for improving the customer experience.

Some of the features an app should include is the detailed information of every order, should be simple yet functional and should run within no time.

For taxi companies, you can take Taxi-Startup app as a role model and develop your app based on the same functionality or with better features.

4) View It From The Customer’s Point of View

The traditional method of taxi service includes booking or hiring a taxi, completing the journey and paying the amount, no or very less scope of customer feedback.

But as soon as the mobile technology has evolved and gifted everyone the smartphone, things have changed. Create an easy, transparent yet customer-centric experience for your users. Users can easily book the app with one click, check the status of their driver’s location, choose the payment method and can also provide the feedback after completing the ride with the use of a simple app.

It has provided a lot of convenience to the users and has proven to be a successful business model. You can see Uber, how they are flourishing with it. In the same way, if you want to start your own business from the scratch, think what your customer wants and how it will look like.

5) Target The Audience Based on The Location

Taxi services have been the local business for several decades and are still on its firm hold. Since your entire customer base is fixed at one location and you will have to fight for it locally. Typically, customers stick to those taxi service with whom they had a most comfortable ride. Customer experience is what matters the most in this business, therefore every taxi business should consider it before providing their services in any region. Give your customers that single reason to come back. For generating a larger customer base, you can collaborate with some hotels and bars to outperform from rest of the businesses and provide a sense of fulfillment to the customers.

6) Give Discounts and Promo codes

Every customer loves discounts; taxi service’s which give such type of features are generating a higher amount of revenue than those who are not. You can place those stickers on your cab offering a discount which will surely attract a whole mass of people and will indirectly improve the customer experience in return or you can showcase the offers on your website, app and other social media channels.

7) Add Credit Card Payment, Online Payment and Wallet Payments

In today’s fast pace world, customers like to complete their payments quickly and efficiently. Running after banks and writing checks have become the old age norms. Passengers like to pay instantly with their credit cards. Adding in such feature to your taxi business can enhance the customer experience as they will find a lot more convenience in paying their fare. You can even add the option of online payment via internet banking or payments through other online wallets to provide them a cashless ride.

Bonus Tip:

In a taxi business, appearance, as well as the condition of the car, matters a lot. You need to keep up the quality of your taxi’s so that the customer feel safe, at ease and have a comfortable ride. Protecting your cars from the harsh environmental damages are very necessary, therefore it’s suggested to use quality car covers as a safeguard for your cars. It will avoid all sorts of outer damage and will keep your taxi as new, which will create a better impression on your customers.

Follow these simple tips and enhance your customer experience. Provide them the luxury of your services and let them believe that you are the best from the lot.


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