Developing Mobile Apps For Your Marketing Strategy


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Between the year 2010 and 2014, the time Indians spend on their smartphones increased dramatically. At the same time, the number of regular desktop users dwindled significantly. The attention is now fixed on mobile devices and so should your marketing efforts.

To follow the mobile digital trend, marketers need to look for mobile app developers or seek out the services of mobile app development companies. Sticking with web applications alone will keep your business at a disadvantage. Change your marketing efforts to suit the ever growing mobile application development industry.

If you’re still uncertain about how to progress, keep reading to find out how to develop an effective app for mobile devices with topnotch marketing strategies.

How to Develop an Effective App With your Marketing Strategy

1. Define Your Objectives

Before you start, you need a clearly defined goal. You need to have a strong sense of your target market. Who will use the mobile app? What value will they get from it? It is imperative that you discuss these with your mobile app developers India. Is it your intention to attract new customers with this mobile app or is it to relay information to old ones? Is it a promotional app or an informational app? Will it be an e-commerce or something in between? What will be the standard user experience?

You must define what you want the app will be and what part of your website can fit into the mobile app before paying a mobile app developer.

2. Research your Competition

Having a heads up of what your competitors are up to is also important when you want to develop a mobile app. It will help you know what your customers expect and the functional requirements of the mobile application. With this information, mobile app development companies make apps that stand out from the competition.

Since you’re a small business owner, you should not be too worried about how high your competitors set the bar. A majority of small businesses in India have mobile apps. So, you can still catch up by building an app that will aid your marketing efforts.

3. Choose your Development Platform

Most companies offer mobile applications on various development platforms. Some offer on all at the same time. Before you rush in, it is imperative that you consider essential factors like reliability, security, and flexibility across diverse operating systems. You should also consider capabilities and priorities.

4. Remember the Devices

During mobile application development, most mobile app developers pay a lot of attention to the software and ignore the hardware of users. Make sure that your mobile app will work on most devices. Think about unique ways of integrating app functionality of different devices in your mobile application.

5. Test, Test, Test

As soon as you have developed your mobile app, the next thing to do will be to refine and optimize it. Let real users test it. A/B testing which involves comparing the performance of your mobile app (new and original versions), will give you a clearer picture of what users like. You will find out which functions drive engagement and conversions.

There you have it: your mobile app is ready and fully optimized for marketing. Use loyalty programs and push notifications to drive traffic to your app. Always remember to offer optimal value to the users. Don’t disturb users with notifications. Keep sight of the overall goal and watch your app grow.


  1. Interesting article. It has the steps precisely defined. Everything revolves around identifying a goal and working towards it. However, the major concern is to have the entire team working on the same objective. To foster successful sustainable growth, organizations need to break away from the traditional silos and establish a cross-functional growth team. While traditionally marketing team was responsible for driving growth and user acquisition, in the new order a separate growth team is a way to formalize the process through which the company understands and optimizes towards growth. This allows companies to efficiently work towards a common goal allowing you to develop a successful mobile app.


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