Customer Feedback Software – G?tt?ng t? ?n?w Y?ur Customers


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Anytime ?s ? good time t? g?t t? kn?w ??ur customers. ?n? ?f th? best ways t? g?t t? kn?w ??ur customers ?s t? proactively ?sk f?r feedback. ?sk ?t d?ff?r?nt times ?nd ?n d?ff?r?nt ways dur?ng th? customer relationship, ?nd th?n us? th? feedback t? m?k? organizational improvements. F?r th?s? organizations th?t ?lr??d? h?v? customer feedback mechanisms ?n place, review ??ur methods ?n ? regular basis. ?h?s ensures th?t th? customer feedback software ?s us?d ?nd ?s gathering needed information.

A medical office ? visit, prominently displays signs th?t st?t?, “W? v?lu? ?ur customers’ opinions. ?l??s? complete ?ur customer survey ?nd return ?t t? th? box ?t th? front desk.” ?n s?v?r?l visits t? th?s office, ? h?v? n?v?r b??n told wh?r? t? find th? survey. ?n fact, n? mention ?f th? survey h?s b??n m?d? whatsoever.

While th? signs indicate ?n interest ?n customer feedback, ?th?r actions d? n?t support th?s interest. G?v?n th?t th? customer must initiate th? process, ? wonder h?w m?n? completed surveys th? office receives. Unl?ss th?? h?v? ? negative experience, m?n? customers h?v? b???m? immune t? surveys. ?h?nk ?b?ut ?t: h?w ?ft?n d? ??u fill ?ut th? feedback card th?t ?s r??d?l? ?v??l?bl? ?n ? restaurant table? ?f ??u d? fill ?t ?ut, d? ??u complete ?t m?r? ?ft?n wh?n ??u h?v? positive ?r negative feedback?

The medical office h?s t?k?n ?n ?m??rt?nt f?rst step t?w?rd gathering ?nf?rm?t??n fr?m customers, but th?r? ?r? s?v?r?l ways t? improve th? customer feedback process.

• Be responsible f?r initiating th? feedback b? offering ? survey, instructions, ?nd ? pen t? customers u??n check out.
• Use additional methods t? solicit feedback ?t v?r??us times dur?ng th? customer relationship. ?h?s? m?ght include ?sk?ng f?r verbal feedback dur?ng appointments, f?ll?w?ng u? w?th customers b? phone ?r e-mail ?ft?r appointments, ?nd providing mechanisms f?r feedback th?t customers ??n access ?t th??r convenience, su?h ?s ? Web site.
• Ask directly f?r b?th positive ?nd negative feedback. Us? th? negative feedback t? identify opportunities f?r improvement ?n ??ur organization. Us? th? positive feedback t? identify strengths th?t ??n b? us?d t? “wow” customers.
• Track feedback fr?m ?ll sources, review th? ?nf?rm?t??n, ?nd us? ?t ?n ? regular basis t? m?k? organizational improvements.
• Let customers kn?w wh?n th??r feedback h?s b??n us?d t? m?k? improvements ?n products ?r services.
• Establish ? process f?r resolving complaints.
• Provide training f?r employees ?n soliciting feedback, resolving complaints, ?nd service recovery.

Implementation ?nd us? ?f ? regular system ?f customer feedback ??n lead t? m?r? engaged customers wh? will b? loyal t? ??ur organization ?nd return ?g??n ?nd ?g??n.

Republished with author's permission from original post.

Hoyt Mann
As co-founder and president, Hoyt oversees all operational aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, service delivery, and customer support. His extensive resume encompasses over 15 years as an innovator, entrepreneur, and overall technical evangelist with leading Dallas-based companies, including EDS, EpicRealm, MCI and OpenConnect Systems. Before forming PhaseWare Inc., Hoyt served as director of engineering for RamQuest Software, providing executive support to Founder and CEO Randall Nelson.


  1. Dear Hoyt,

    thanks for your blog post. I agree, that negative feedback is the most valuable one. However I also think, that people nowadays doubt that that the paper form will lead to the right person to read and react on the feedback.

    Just recently I wrote a blog on that topic, as I found this situation in many businesses around. Just called it:”the end of the feedback questionnaire”

    As we are becoming more and more digital driven, we should offer also digital and mobile ways for our customers to give feedback. However the tough part remains how to use the feedback information for real-world improvements.

  2. Hi Hoyt, Thanks for the interesting article. I agree with you that customer feedback is really essential but just how much is actually getting back to management’s ears? Surveys and word of mouth have so many complications before even reaching to the management’s office.

    I am running a hotel and i find that listening and acting to customer/guest feedback on site and in real time is essential. For example, recently my hotel implemented this new guest feedback tool called Geteco that essentially allows the guest to leave a comment (Speak into a phone) and for management to directly act towards to that. It all goes into a database and managers can analyze feedback and respond on site. Accurate knowledge and data about guests can lead to better strategic decisions. Just thought i would share my experiences. Thanks :).

  3. Hi Darren, i do agree with you on the fact that word of mouth and survey data that business managers receive always turns out to be inaccurate or well we never get them at all sometimes. Can get really frustrating cause we always want to know what our customers are thinking and what problems they have encountered or even what they are happy about the company/business.

    On a separate note i have heard about Geteco before and i have taken a look at their website. It is something that myself and my management team are looking into for our restaurant business as being able to receive on site feedback is essential for the business and ultimately customer satisfaction.


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