CRM And Customer Experience: How CRM Helps In Providing Better Customer Relationships


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Customer Relationship Management or CRM is used in managing a company’s interactions with prospective customers and current customers. It is a strategy designed to help companies increase their productivity and improve customer satisfaction and retention. This strategy is very powerful as it provides a comprehensive view and it helps monitor previous interactions, pending invoice, status of orders and many others.

Many businesses are using CRM software in tracking data of individual clients. Knowing the data of each client is necessary so that the sales team will know the information needed in dealing with their customers. Having the necessary information is useful so that each customer will be given individualized service.

How can CRM help in customer relationship?

The contact center industry is offering various services to different businesses and organizations. The good thing is that all of these services aim to help in improving the customer service and relationship. Call centers are using the CRM strategy in providing efficient customer service to be able to enhance customer relationships. Through customer relationship management, the company can expect higher profits as compared to their competitors who are not employing such strategy.
CRM helps in finding customers and prospects and then engaging with them. There are plenty of strategies used in dealing with them such as online chat and web help. Using social media is another strategy in driving potential customers to your business. Integrating customer relationship management in social media can boost your business. It is because most of your potential customers are members of different social networks.

The industry is using CRM software in tracking the history of your current customers. The software can also help in identifying loyal customers so that you can easily give rewards for their loyalty. This will not only attract more customers but also keep the current ones to patronize your business for a longer time. Additionally, implementing customer relationship management can help in resolving issues quickly and treating customers fairly.

Usually, customers are judging businesses on how these businesses handle customers’ complaints and issues. However, through CRM, issues and complaints can be easily resolved. It is because the system can sort out issues and queries and, at the same time, forward them to the appropriate department. Forwarding issues and queries accordingly is the best option because each department has access to all relevant information that can address the issues.

Proper understanding and implementation of customer relationship management definition can make a big difference in the perception of your customers about your company. Most customers have been trusting companies that can handle customer service issues fairly. When this is the kind of experience that they have, they will most likely do business with the company again. Through this, one can see how well CRM will do in building your brand to help your business succeed in the business.

The benefits of CRM to your business

Aside from improving customer service, CRM also offers other benefits to your business. That is why it is worthy to invest in outsourcing services from a Philippine contact center to enjoy the benefits of this strategy.

Close more deals

By using the CRM system, it will be easier to identify the leads accurately and quickly. Categorizing leads is the easiest way in customizing pitches. Creating a winning sales pitch can obtain more leads and help reduce response time. It also helps in identifying quality and responding leads. This way, the sales team can focus on high quality leads and spend time wisely. Keep in mind that finding quality leads can make better contracts and gain more revenue. This means that the productivity of the sales team is improved.

Increase referrals and revenue from existing customers

Signing up with an outsourced provider is the best way to improve customer service. It is because call center agents are knowledgeable in doing up-selling and cross-selling. Through the CRM system, it will be easier to identify opportunities. Providing good customer service can make a customer happy and that eventually may help him/her become a repeat customer. This will increase the revenue because repeat customers spend more as compared to new customers. Satisfied customers can help spread the word about you and they can make referrals to your business. This way, new leads will be generated and revenue will also increase.

Enhance products and services

Since the CRM system gathers data from different sources including customer calls, online chat and social media, these sources give a fuller picture that lets you know the needs of customers and what they feel about the products and services offered. This way, you will know if there is a need to improve the products and services offered.

Optimize performance

Call centers use the CRM system in helping their clients to obtain better insights in making the right decision. The dashboard gives you a real-time picture on how your business is running and that should help you analyze its performance. You will also know the prospects receiving your company’s email. You can boost your approach based from the results.

If you are planning to employ CRM technology, make sure that it can support your strategy as well as reduce your overhead expenses. It should also be updated so that it can help in improving productivity and must be fast and flexible in providing data. It is also important to consider CRM technology that requires minimal IT internal resources. Maintaining excellent customer service is not an easy task unless you are employing an effective strategy such as CRM.

In establishing good relationships with customers, the company should consider implementing a management strategy that will make the organization customer-focused. This strategy is composed of three parts – technology, people and processes. The technology is important in collecting customers’ information that is necessary in determining how to deal with them.

The processes are also key steps in holding everything together and the data will be used effectively. The people involved play a significant role in implementing the processes in order to provide seamless service to customers. As long as the company finds the right third party to provide the service, it can be expected that the business can easily attract potential customers and keep current customers. In short, one can say that it ensures customer satisfaction.

Top CRM Trends

Nowadays, the business industry is very competitive and reaching new highs. That is why using old school advertising has become ineffective. By using customer relations management, it will be easier to attract customers. Likewise, observing the new trends can also help marketers.

Content – Posting content is one of the marketing strategies commonly used in many business’ websites. However, not all websites provide relevant content and, most of the time, they fail to meet the standards of Google. Customers would be interested to visit the website if the content is relevant and interesting on different platforms. It is not enough to create microsites and shareable content in highlighting products, but it is also essential to post content according to the different buying stages. In fact, some popular brands found out that content is more effective as compared to using traditional marketing campaign.

Social media optimization – CRM can work best when integrated with social media. Millions of people engage in social networking sites. That is why most marketers have decided to use social networking sites as a marketing platform. The good thing is that CRM will not only help in improving customer relationship but also in search engine optimization.

Customer experience – Customers nowadays are more frugal because there are plenty of choices. That is why it is important to focus on customer experience management by developing infrastructure for smart communication and knowledge.

Customization and personalization – To be effective in providing customer service, the company should know the right strategy on how to interact and engage with customers. There are many innovative ways to reach out to customers such as CRM. This management strategy helps in learning customers’ habits so as to provide more proactive services. Despite the fact that customers are using mobile devices and the internet, still they want a more personal and more customized approach.

Omnichannel – Mobile is the mainstream channel that marketers are using, yet it is not enough to attract potential customers. Instead, marketers should learn to integrate CRM in their marketing strategy in order to reach a wider customer base.

Building better relationships with customers should be given proper attention because without them, your business will not prosper. It is because customers serve as the heart of the business. Fortunately, through social media, business owners have the chance to interact with their customers. Likewise, by using CRM, they can also employ good customer service that will make customers satisfied. This will increase the profitability of your business as long as it involves customer interaction.

Reaching out to customers should be beyond transactional interaction. Likewise, the organization should also employ CRM strategy so that a better relationship would not only be built with customers but also with business employees, branches and affiliates. However, in order to implement CRM effectively, it is important to ensure that the staff is well-trained to handle the system.

Although CRM offers many benefits, some companies still are not using it because of its complexity. However, it is not a big deal because businesses can hire a third party to handle the job. This way you can ensure that the system will be properly set up. Call centers will help in determining which method would help to ensure success in improving customer service. Call center agents have efficient customer service skills. Obviously, merging management strategy with social media is the commonly used method because it is easier to attract customers to your business.

Moreover, CRM is also a great help to a salesperson as it makes things easier and helps them obtain leads. There are instances when customers would ask for a solution to their problems. If the salesperson can solve their problems, most likely the customer will be convinced to purchase the product or service. Once the customer is satisfied, it will ensure that the good reputation of the business will continue to grow.

Customer management strategy also increases the value of the existing customer and the overall efficiency of the company. The main goal is to help businesses in marketing the products and services as well as in improving the relationship with the customers. It is ideal to hire their services if you want to make your business successful. They know how to find profitable customers and how to deal with them.

It is important to keep existing customers, but finding new ones can help in expanding the market. This can be easily done by using the CRM strategy that gives the opportunity to know more about your customers. This can also help in identifying new prospects and increasing the customer base. Likewise, it is essential to use the right CRM solutions appropriate to the nature of your business.
In order to obtain the best results and avoid potential drawbacks in using CRM, the people involved should be committed in implementing the CRM solution. Promoting good relationships with customers may fail if anyone in the business will not do their part, thus customer dissatisfaction may happen and that may lead to a loss of revenue. In addition, poor communication can also have a negative impact or effect. That is why having the necessary information can help in the buy-in efficiency of the customers.

Implementing the CRM plan is not an easy task and that is why a strong leadership is a must. This means that the management should lead by example so that it will reflect to the customers. Implementing CRM can also be risky that is why some businesses are breaking the project into manageable pieces. It is because a pilot project can be started easily and the project can be expanded along the way.

Finding the right company to provide CRM solutions is necessary to ensure that your investment will not be wasted. That is why you need to be very careful when hiring a provider. Choose the one that has already established a name and has an excellent record. It is worthy to invest in an expensive service as long as you can reap the benefits which include better customer relationship and a business successful.


  1. A CRM application brings all this information into one cohesive unit. The customer’s complete history together with your business exists adjacent to a list of your deals; your emails, notes, and appointments board within one interface. In fact, the on-time notifications the minute your customer performs a task of appropriate value to the business – like when they click on your email with the hyperlink highlighting the price tags. Here we are talking about the goldmine of data points of your end customer available under one roof and one system.
    CRM as a powerful tool is the one-stop answer to your sales group. It will be the distinction between winning a deal and losing it. It may also be your entrance to the spike in the sales productivity, hot prospects and better coordination between different groups. However, at its core, a CRM application helps you build long-lasting relationships together with your customers.

  2. For any company, tracking and managing their leads and sales is very important for improved sales forecasting and boosting revenue. For this, businesses resort to a number of tools and techniques and one such solution is CRM or customer relationship management system. CRM system can help you turbocharge sales by helping to identify and learn what your customers are actually interested in to provide personalized service and improved customer service/support.


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