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Dave Seaton, CCXP
Chief Espresso Officer at CXPRESSO—the weekly email for brave CX leaders. Also an award-winning customer experience consultant, leadership philosopher, keynote speaker, and fanatical Wordle ninja. (The best starting word is CREST—trust me on this.)

CX Buy-in and How I Got Scammed out of $12 by a Pretty Girl in College

“Do you like magazines?” asked the cute stranger standing at my dorm room door. She wore very short khaki shorts and a tank top. Dirty-blonde...

Don’t Put Your Customer Hat On!

Have you ever been instructed to “put your customer hat on?” That may be bad advice. “Put your customer hat on” is a favorite line...

How Intrapreneurs Grow a Grassroots CX Program

I have deep empathy and respect for intrapreneurs. I used to be one! I was a serial intrapreneur for a B2B SaaS company before...

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