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Sach Gajree
Siemens Financial Services
Some of my time is spent inspiring, designing and implementing projects that will deliver a shared and unified approach to the trinity of business, customer and employee. At other times, I can be found working with our internal teams, to figure out how data and automation can be best used to increase internal engagement, business analytics, process improvement techniques or customer enhancement capabilities. The remainder of my time is very definitely spent, working on opportunities to collaboratively disrupt from within, be that culturally, digitally or experientially.

How to Disrupt Yourself & Drive Innovation…01/03

Previously I asked whether, when we see disruption or innovation, should we, look to the disruptor or the incumbent? Disruption is Happening “Well…Here’s looking at…

Disruption is happening…so what are you going to do?

Why do we think that organisations are fixed or static? Is it simply because, disruption seems to happen so easily at times. I’m minded...

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