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Mark Smith
Business leader with 20+ years global experience in Marketing Applications and Analytical CRM. Founded Quadstone - the first data mining company to focus explicitly on the analytics of customer behavior - and later moved to Boston to build the business and grow global sales and marketing teams. Now back in innovation mode as President of Kitewheel, a new-age Marketing Technology company. We focus on helping large marketing agencies and MSPs deliver customer engagement solutions for their large brand clients.

Customer Journey Management in an Era of Data Paranoia

Customers today expect personalization. In fact, it is a major driver of loyalty. According to Accenture, over 90% of consumers are more likely to...

Finding the Elusive Single Customer View with CDPs

Marketers will struggle to be successful as long as their customer data exists in disconnected silos. Real-time demands and the necessity for a seamless...

The Never-Ending Bank Branch Debate

Banks seem to change their minds on this topic every few years, shifting from rapidly opening new branches to predicting their demise and closing...

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