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Manish Tahiliani
A multi-dimensional, revolutionising leader with a pragmatic approach & a keen appetite for challenging opportunities. Excellent conceptual and analytical skills, ability to lead cross functional multi-geography teams and achieve great business results across varied categories & challenges. I've created everything from digital strategies for Fortune 500 Technology companies to experiential strategies stimulating tremendous business growth. Currently in relationship with powerful B2B sales and marketing teams, setting up and deploying AARRR processes with conviction, positive mindset.
Who's Your Ideal Customer? (Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay)

Navigating the New Normal of Airline Customer Experience in 2023 and Beyond

Source: Freepik Customer journey in the travel industry, especially airline customer experience, has undergone a significant shift in the last couple of decades. Planning to...

The New Frontier of Customer Experience and Sales in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has decentralized and branched out from a traditional hospital setting to multiple avenues like, care centers, health hubs, virtual care, retail...

What Does Value Selling For SaaS Companies Mean In 2023

More than 90% of sales employees in B2B SaaS companies face the challenge of value management and value selling. A Value Management survey conducted...

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