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Jagannathan Muralidharan
The content enthusiast. Love writing and researching about Customer Experience and journey based approaches to simplify it. Key areas of research interest include predictive statistical analysis into customer journeys, Mapping customer journeys better and knowing more about disruptive trends in the customer experience space. Like to blog about new trends and recent know-how's in the Customer service industry. 

4 Tips for Retail brands to bring EMOTION into customer journeys

The beginning of every new financial quarter comes with infinite possibilities and numerous challenges. And the odds of failure are generally stacked high for...

Dishonest feedback does more harm than you think. Here’s why!

Increasing cases of holiday sickness and claims associated with it have now become more like an afterparty sort of ritual. Not fifty, not sixty,...

10 Commandments of Customer Loyalty

Ever wondered how some brands stay at the top of the food chain? What sets them apart is their attitude of going beyond customer...

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