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Dr. Shamael Zaheer Khan, Ph.D
Dr Shamael Zaheer Khan is a revered educationist, expert contributor, and VP of Marketing and Strategy at a leading tech corporation. Specializing in digital marketing, consumer behavior, hyperlocal e-commerce, and strategic planning at the corporate & business level, he is a versatile industry leader. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Khan drives innovation and growth in the dynamic tech landscape. His academic research, influential publications, neatly crafted strategies for businesses, and extensive industry experience have established him as a respected thought leader.

Hyperlocal ecommerce delivery- Has it become every business’s inherent need?

Introduction There is little doubt about the fact that the ecommerce landscape is undergoing a dramatic shift. While traditional giants like Amazon and Shopify continue...

Hyperlocal e-commerce and consumer behaviour– Challenges and opportunities for businesses

Introduction Marketing has come a long way ever since its inception. And to this development, consumer behavior has not been an exception. It has evolved...

Ecommerce and twenty first century consumer behaviour- Understanding the colossal impact of their leapfrogging effect

“Of the several disruptions cutting edge technology has had, e-commerce accompanied with consumer behaviour can be classified as the most obvious and stimulated one.” If...

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