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Barbara Poole
Poole Resources
Barbara Poole, the president of Poole Resources, Inc., a Fairfield County, Connecticut-based revenue improvement firm she began in 1992, has developed a number of management tools and processes for corporations to build market share.

Self-Service in Retail Can Work, if You Do It Right

In a time of shrinking payroll percents, self-service presents an enticing proposition. Unless a company develops and implements a successful self-service strategy, the allure...

The Key to 2006 Will Be the Ability To Capture the Customer’s Attention

The year 2005 ended not with a whisper but a bang. Twelve tumultuous months of natural disasters, corporate missteps, war, partisan politics and product...

Contact Reps’ Performance Needs To Tie to Sales

Contact center compensation represents a big chunk of operating budgets. So great are the costs of staffing these new age repositories of customer interactions...

Hiring for a Profit Center: Find the Overlap in Sales and Service

Talk about a stumbling block from the get go. Regardless of working on a sales team or a consumer service team, contact center reps...

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