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Cinny serves Customer Insights professionals. She is a digital expert with 15 years' experience in the unusual combination of insight-based strategy and project execution, including customer insights and digital analytics, customer experience and journeys, digital marketing, sales enablement, and web/mobile/eCommerce. With both B2B and B2C experience on the client and agency sides, she has led global firms' digital transformation in healthcare, life sciences, financial services, eLearning, and event management.

Stop Playing “Telephone” With Data And Analytics. Change The Game With The GQMD Framework

Too many firms today are playing a data-to-insights game of telephone. In the data analytics version, the insights you deliver fail to drive many...

Managing Global and Local Social Intelligence Requires A Tender Balance

Social media is human. It’s embedded in local cultural context of consumer needs, affinities, and behaviors. But to serve consumers, multinational companies need effective...

Do You Need a Customer Insights Center of Excellence?

Over the past few months, following publication of my "Customer Insights Center of Excellence" report at Forrester (subscription required), there’s been a significant uptick...

The Customer Insights Center of Excellence: Know Your Options!

If you’re a customer insights (CI) or analytics professional, the questions below may sound familiar to you. I hear them from leaders of...

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