Artificial Intelligence And The Internet Of Things (AIoT) Hold The Promise Of A More Connected Future


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The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are the two most emerging technologies in the world right now. As researchers are expanding the potential of these two technologies, more and more application areas have started to use them. Recently the three emerging technologies the Internet of Things is powered by are Artificial intelligence, 5G, and Big Data.

Artificial intelligence consists of functions that help devices to learn and process information just like humans. 5G networks are mobile networks with greater speed and smooth real-time data processing. While Big Data means the management of the enormous volume of data which are processes from various resources (internet-connected).

Among all these, the technology which is getting major attention is the blend of Artificial intelligence with IoT, popularly known as AIoT. It is something that is holding a promise of a more connected future. As AIoT technology is becoming known to common people, it is transforming the fundamental ways of living the life and processing of data in regular work.

4 Areas Where AIoT Promises A More Connected Future

Below 4 mentioned areas will be changed properly because of AIoT. AI and the Internet of Things together mean both intelligence and data. This combination can change everything, there are more possibilities but here we will discuss these 4.

1. Wearables:

Wearable devices like smartwatches are getting better every day. The reason is that AI and IoT app development companies are improving. If we talk about just the smartwatches, you will see how the data and intelligence powers them. Smartwatches work by tracking the activity of the users and are connected directly to the smartphones. AI uses the data that is transmitted by IoT devices and gives results to the users according to their requirements. The market for these devices is growing and it is expected that it will become more than $87 billion by the year 2023.

2. Smart City:

People are moving from villages to cities, cities are also getting smarter and safer. Cities are becoming more and more convenient. Cities are getting smarter at a great pace. Every application development company is also working to analyze the geographical location as precisely as possible. With IoT and AI, traffic management, resource management, and many other things will become automated. This will take a load off the government and they will be able to make better policies. Smart cities will also have better delivery systems. Everything will be mapped to perfection and the applications will be smarter. Deliveries can also be automated if things keep moving at the same pace.

3. Smart Industries:

Industries need to become smarter and AIoT. They are prone to errors and when they will start using AIoT, the chances of human errors will be really less. This will improve their efficiency and will improve the quality of the product of an IoT app development company as well. It is forecasted that more than 80% of IoT projects will be using AI by the year 2022. All industries from mining to manufacturing are relying on digital transformation. Now, they are also trying to move away from manual production. It takes a lot of their money and time.

4. Smart Home:

Everyone wants their home to be smart. With AIoT people would be able to control everything in their house with just a removal or their voice. There are devices that can be connected to the electric circuits of the house and can operate everything with voice commands. The devices will have sensors that will make them smart enough that they will turn on or off by just observing the environment. It is expected that the smart home market will see an annual growth of 25% during 2020-2025 and will reach $246 billion. This is a huge number but the way things are escalating, it is possible. Also, no matter how expensive, people are spending money on making their houses smart. This is something that provides them extra comfort and also makes them feel like they are in control. The smart home is just the reality that people used to see in Hollywood fiction movies a few years ago.

How AIoT can transform the future?

AIoT has the ability to test the amount of data a device can process and its future advancements. This will open the door to processing and learning.

● Through the technology of edge computing, the data processing can be done in the computer itself without sending it to remote data centers. While the current technology is limited to smart thermostats and appliances, the future may hold some really advanced gadgets like home robots and autonomous fully-functioning vehicles.

● Another major advancement is the improvement of voice AI in devices like speakers and mobile phones. In today’s era, there are 1D smart speakers that obey the commands of the person who is speaking. It can be replaced with speakers carrying the Natural Language Processing technique to understand the user in a better way. There are 2D Voice-activated LCDs that help in displaying information. An IoT development company always strives to make businesses seamless through technology. With the successful implementation of AIoT, the beginning of ePayment voice authentication now seems possible in the next few years.

● The application of Vision AI is now known to everyone. This is a pure AI device used for the detection of massive objects in 4K resolution. When combined with the internet of things, the vision AI might be able to analyze video on the edge. The quality of the display is also predicted to increase to 8K instead of 4K.


AIoT is all set to take a massive turn in the market. With its successful implementation, it can be incurred into various industries such as healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, and whatnot. It is important to secure this technology as much as possible to prevent it from getting misused. Every IoT App development company is working on this project for the past few years. In the next five to ten years, AIoT will completely change the way people will use technology.

Amit Agrawal
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