Additional Methods To Improve Customer Service This 2019


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improve customer service 2019

It’s 2019 and the customer service industry is just getting stronger and stronger! Having a great customer service has become the top priority of many companies. For some companies that still don’t know what to do to improve their customer support, we have some methods to improve customer service.

4 Ways To Improve Customer Service

1. Utilize omnichannel

Maximizing different channels like social media, live chat, email, and phone calls will bring improvement to your customer service. You have probably read that in many other blogs but it will be truer this year. As customer service will become even more personalized than last year, catering to every customer with the use of these different channels will be vital.

Also, communication between different teams within the company should be regularly checked. Rules and regulations about coordination should be implemented. Synchronization between different teams is important. By different teams, we mean the people who handle the channels you use for customer service. They have to communicate on a daily basis as one customer may use two or more means to talk to your brand.

2. Make it easy for your customers

In relation to the first, according to Social Media Today, 69 percent of adults in the United States buy from brands that have consistent and matching customer support through different channels. Additionally, you have to make it easy for them. Easy as in they do not need to click many buttons or wait for more than a day just to get an answer from you.

As consumers are getting smarter, they do not wait for a brand or a company to cater to them. They move on to other brands that will reply to them fast and will accommodate them immediately. Convenience is the key.

3. Do not abandon phone calls

Contrary to the popular belief, phone and human to human interaction is still alive and far from being dead. This ‘old-school’ method is still being used by many companies. It is also one of our suggested additional methods if you are not using it. Though social media and other online methods are in the trend, when all fails, people or customers will still go back to making a phone call.

4. Provide self-service for your customers

As the use of mobile phones increases, the people who want to solve their own problems will also increase. According to a survey from Nuance Enterprise, 75 percent of people find self-service customer support to be very convenient. Moreover, 67 percent would prefer to do self-service than talk to a representative from the company as they feel more aware and learning through it.

Customer Service For All

The answer to “how to please your customers?” will definitely vary from company to company, customer to customer, and products and services. Customer care trends for last year can continue to this year. However, some may not and other trends might occur.

What important is that marketers and customer service experts need to be on the look for new ways to make their customers happy and satisfied.


  1. Good article!
    One of the top complaints of people who call customer service departments on the phone is the wait time. Being put on hold for longer than a few minutes communicates to the customer that they are not a priority.
    With speed, professionalism and the solutions for any potential problems being the main goals, it is possible to improve the overall impression callers get of any company.


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