7 Reasons Why Customer Centric Businesses Generate Higher Revenues


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Photo by Alicia Zinn, CC0 1.0

Many companies wonder why it’s so important to keep the customer at the center of their operations. Everyone talks about customer centricity as if it’s the newest business idea out there, but it’s really been at the center of business operations for as long as there have been businesses! Customers should always be at the core of your business if you want to find long-term profits. That’s because those customers who you really care for and actually try to improve their experience are going to be the ones who stick with your company in the long-run.

However, you might still be questioning why customer centricity should be the main thing that your company works on. You might think that it’s more important to spend your profits on new marketing initiatives or product development. And while these are crucial business operations, we’re going to go into more detail down below on why customer centricity helps businesses of all side generate higher revenues that go towards your bottom line. Keep reading to learn some more.

1. It Shows How Much You Care

Those businesses that actually show how much they care about customers are more likely to see those customers return for more purchases. If a customer sees that you actually care about his or her experience, then that loyalty is going to stick around. They are going to keep coming back because you see them as more than just a number on a page. And this means that you will continue to see more and more profit from them over the years, helping out your bottom line.

For example, it’s been shown that many Americans head to Amazon.com to shop for the products they need, rather than the other retailers available. This is partly because Amazon provides a personalized shopping experience and fantastic customer service for those customers that they have. Customers keep coming back because Amazon put them at the center of their operations.

2. You Will Stay Competitive in The Digital Age

The next thing that you have to consider is how you can stay customer-centric in the digital age. When every single company has access to the Internet and can reach new customers through social media and other digital avenues, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your business from the other companies out there. How do you that? Well, by being customer centric on the Internet.

This means that you should be aiming to respond to customers ASAP. If they send you a message on social media, then respond within a couple of hours. Those companies that responded back fast to customer inquiries online were more likely to see those customers come back.

Being customer-centric doesn’t imply that the customer is always right. It focuses on keeping up with the social marketing trends and innovation. Nowadays, many businesses are investing time and efforts on social media to have more and more followers, many competitors have also engaged in online wars! Innovation is the much easier way to become customer-centric as employing technology for the benefit of the consumers also leads to an efficient growth in the business revenues.

3. Employees Are United in This Respect

One of the easiest ways to get your employees united behind the same concept is to make that concept customer centricity. When every single employee is working towards the same goal of improving your customer’s experience, then this means that they are going to work harder towards that goal.

Think about a company like Zappos. This company has each and every employee spends a couple of weeks of their employment in one of their call centers. This ensures that every employee has a stake in the customer’s experience and knows how important that is to the overall success of the company.

4. When You Force Responsiveness to Feedback, You Can Find Innovation

When it comes to customer centricity, it’s not only about doing all you can to make sure the customer is happy. It’s also about listening to what the customers are saying about your products or services and taking that feedback to heart. You kind of have to force that responsiveness in yourself and throughout your company to actually take that feedback and use it to innovate your operations.

Whenever customers have feedback for you, make sure you let them know that their feedback is well taken and will be used to take certain steps forward in the company.

5.  Clients Are Going to Come Back to You Time and Time Again

You should be basing your profitability based on how many customers are coming back time and time again for your products. And as customers come back, that profitability is going to go through the roof as they buy larger amounts of what you’re selling. This is one of the main reasons why customer-centric businesses have a higher level of revenue than those that don’t put customers first. When you build a loyal customer base, you aren’t going to have to continuously search around for new customers.

6. You Won’t Have to Pay Out to Get New Customers

As mentioned above, there is a higher cost for getting new customers than using old customers to improve your revenue. You’re going to have to spend way more on marketing initiatives and on building up your profit with a new customer than trying to upsell one of your more loyal customers. Why would you want to waste all of that revenue when you could be spending more of your time in improving your product or expanding your business locations?

7. You Can Increase the Proficiency of Your Call Centers

Whenever you build customer loyalty, there are going to be fewer people calling into your call centers. This means that you’re going to have much more time to improve the proficiency of these centers and ensure that everyone gets the help that you need. Those customers who are loyal to you are going to have fewer problems with your products because they are super happy with you as a business. This is another reason why customer-centric businesses have a higher revenue than those who don’t put the customer at the center of everything they do.

There’s no question about it. If you don’t put the customer at the center of your business operations, then you are doing things very wrong. Every business that is customer-centric is going to do much better in terms of revenue than those that don’t. So, what are you waiting for?


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