6 growth hacking tips to boost your sales.


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Voila !!! You’ve reached the right place. I know you are you are looking for tips to boost your sales. Everyone who is reading this is in one way or another looking for tips because we are a part of that rat race where every business is trying to boost sales. Your sales defines your success and that is why you care so much about it. Be in any industry, you want to increase your sales and today we share some proven hacks that will help you take your business to next level.

There is no rocket science behind increasing sales it’s just a matter of hitting the right buttons.
And few of those buttons are:-

1] Make a compelling offer-

Bulk offers or end of season sales or Lifetime deals are some offer ideas that you can drive you huge sales. You will win prospects if you give them some goodies or launch rocking offers. A simple example of offers can be Amazon.com. You might have shopped multiple times from their bulk sales festive offer or end of season sale. They make offers like End of season sale, festive 3 days bulk discounts, or a quarterly sale. There are multiple types of offers that you can use like:-

a] Bulk discounts
b] Coupons
c] Free trials
d] Exchange
e] Refunds

There are ample of sales promotion ideas that can help you make a compelling offer and gain an opportunity to grab more customer.These offers not just ensure repeat purchase and bulk purchase from existing customers but you also get an opportunity to connect with new customers that will 100% boost your sales.

2] Build strong referral network and promote sales-

Have a strong network of partners/ affiliates. Your partners will sell your product/service if they are incentivised appropriately. Your partners are only interested to see the final revenue they will be able to generate after selling your products. How will you build this program?

a] Incentivise-

Your partners work only if you incentivise well. Rather than showing how much they will ear after making each sale, show them the long-term picture. Show them that their performance can drive them huge revenue at the end of a particular tenure.

b] Educate-

Don’t sell your product to partners, educate them. The more you educate the more they will be communicating effectively with their customers/prospects and you will avoid situations of miscommunication. Educating them will reduce your burden of giving continuous support to partners and his prospects whenever required.

c] Motivate-

Keep reminding your partners about their goals. You can certainly create an urgency for them as well as you do for your prospects/customers.Remind them days left to achieve targets and revenue they can earn after completion of this target. Your partners are or will be interested in you if they are incentivised and motivated strongly to promote your business.

3] Have organised contacts and deals pipeline-

Cash it on with tools that will help you keep things organized. Using sales tools like an effective CRM will help you organise your contacts and deal in one place. A CRM can be all in one, a marketing and a sales software wherein you do not need to invest separately for tools like email marketing, quotation and sales order etc. It will not only help you nurture your contacts but can also help you in closing deals faster.

An open deal pipeline will help you focus on closing the deals at the earliest. With a CRM it will also be easy to analyse your sales, team members performance etc. and at the end will give you insights of how your sales growth has been in a particular tenure.

4] Have a clear website, clear CTA’s and be present on mobile-

You might find this odd but yes your website is everything.Your website is the first impression of your business. Stand out in your first impression itself. Be very clear and answer some questions before designing your site. Answer a few questions like

what your business is?
who your buyer is?
what do you want the buyer do after visiting the site?

Your answers to these questions should be what your website says. Your website should be what you and very clear with what your product or service is. To give you some best examples:-

a] Reebok.com-

My personal favourite is Reebok.

What’s great about it?

As soon as I come on the page, I know what the site is. It sells shoes, clothing and fitness accessories.
The product images are catching attention and inviting to explore more. It is clean white background and navigating the site is not a task at all.

b] Paypal.com-

Another great site I can say is Paypal. Paypal is into online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods

What’s great about it?

NaA homepage is easy.A homepage is easy to understand for visitors. You get to know at the first glance what Paypal is all about.

Why am I stressing so much on keeping site easy is because visitors should not be confused about your site. If your target audience does not understand what you are selling, how do you expect them to buy?

Similarly, in case of your Call To Action, remember that your CTA’s are the ones which will drive your sales. Either you generate a qualified lead or direct a sale.Your CTA buttons have to stand out with contrasting colours from that of your website theme only then you will be able to catch attention and generate a lead or directly a sale. You may refer this link for better ideas on your CTA buttons.

Same applies to your mobile presence/app as e-commerce audience is tech-savvy and prefer seeing products on a small screen than on laptops. Make your mobile app eye pleasing too. At the same time, it has to be easy to use else in no time your consumer will switch to other sites.You can check if your site is mobile friendly using this google app to analyse mobile friendliness.

5] Enhance your website speed and smooth payment gateways-

Will you wait for a website that takes more than 2 seconds to load? No. Definitely not. Why? Because you are busy and you have many other similar sites that can help you get what you want.Speed matters when it comes to your web presence. Use web speed optimization tools to check what is your current speed and how you can optimize it if it is not up to the mark.

People are busy all around the globe and no one will wait if your site takes its own time to load. Be very careful of your website speed or you lose your customers there and then. Ideally, 2 seconds is the threshold after that you can consider your prospect to have switched to another site.

You payment gateways can also be a major barrier in increasing your sales.Have alternative solutions for payments i.e debit card/ credits card/ online payments, Cash On Delivery and also alternatives for your online payment gateways. In short, remove all the barriers that might stop you from receiving your payments. Use premium gateways like PayPal, 2Checkout.com
Different countries prefer paying using different mediums. Like in the USA, buyers use more credit cards whereas in India, buyers use multiple mediums of payment like Net banking, Credit card, Debit card, and cash On Delivery. Analyse the market that you are selling in and remove all possible obstacles that stop you from receiving payments.

6] “Buy Now”. The Urgency factor-

Keep that clock ticking in customers mind that your offer will end soon. Unless you do this, your customer will never make a purchase decision. What you can do is remind about trial period expiry, offer expiry etc. This will fastrack your overall sales process and a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind.

People who are in the e-commerce business, are aware that people come to the site, explore and add products in the cart but never purchase them. Why? Because your prospect never made that purchase decision. It is you who need to create that urgency that if they don’t “ buy it Now”, they lose a great opportunity or a great deal.

You can add a short notification about trial expiry, account update or send an email reminding that the deal is available for a limited time and that should help you create urgency. You can also make a Flash sale for few hours may be in lunch or team time or evenings (post working hours) that will create urgency and hype.

Siddhata Khatri
Siddhata Khatri is a Business Development Executive and content writer with CompanyHub helping in making sales teams lives easier.You can get in touch with her on linkedin


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