5 Ways Smartphone Defines Customer’s Personality


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So many Americans have smartphones today. They use them for retail discounts, contacting family and friends, searching for locations, following map directions and more. The world of cellular phone usage has many options open to users. Have you considered why you chose the phone that you did? A new study has found that your choice in smartphones is related to your personality.

What we choose to purchase or avoid purchasing says something about how we want to be perceived, according to research conducted by Dr. Paul Harrison, senior lecturer of consumer behavior at Deakin University. Consumers show off their personality through their choice or the accessories they buy.

For example, iPhone users tend to travel extensively or at least want to travel extensively. They use their phones a lot more than other mobile users. They enjoy getting luxuries of life, such as facials. They aspire to have a lifestyle, he said.

On the other hand, those who cling to their Samsung phones are moderate users. They are conscientious, agreeable and open to new experiences, Harrison explained. Although they exercise regularly, they also play games on their phones regularly. They don’t want to conform to stereotypes or be seen as living a normal, mundane life. They like to take risks more than iPhone users do.

Those who bought HTC phones are not agreeable people. They quickly make decisions without analyzing them completely. They like to get things done and move to the next project quickly. Their phone is not an extension of how they see themselves, but it does, in fact, defines their character.

How to Show Off Your Personality with Your Phone

  1. Taking photos – If you are an iPhone user and love to travel, you can highlight your personality by taking lots of pictures. Whatever you like to snap will show off your personality along with your trip. If you like to go sightseeing, your photos will show the places where you have been. If you like to do sports, your phone will show photos of skiing, kayaking, hiking, and surfing. If you like to be crazy or hang out with friends, you will show that personality in your pictures of people. The phone you choose will have a camera of a certain quality. If you like taking pictures, you will choose a good camera on a phone. If you don’t care, you will pick a mediocre camera.
  2. Playing games – The phone of your choice will either make game playing easy or difficult. People who are more restrained will not choose a phone for its game-playing ability. Those who want to enjoy life by using their phone will be the first in line when the virtual reality phone is released. They will see the phone as an extension of their imagination and adventuring. They will take their phone outside the house to play Pokemon Go.
  3. Exercising – You can get all types of applications added to your phone. If you use the phone for exercising, you can download several apps that would improve your fitness routine. These applications will show how dedicated you are to fitness goals. They can show how many steps you walk, your heart rate, your milestones achieved and your body mass index. If you aren’t into fitness, you will check the pedometer but nothing else.
  4. Playing music – Those people who use their phone or headset for music will show off their personality by their playlists. The phone will list their favorites. Also, some phones are not as good at playing music as others. Therefore, the phone you choose for playing music is an indicator in and of itself. When you add the type of music you are playing, you tell the world who you really are.
  5. Accessorize – What kind of case do you like? If you like sparkles, you will buy a case that is full of jewels or fake jewels. These are the people that want luxuries or to enjoy life. If you buy a functional case to protect your phone, that tells people that you like to be secure and in control. You don’t like fancy things. You like efficiency over style. You are not a risk-taker.

It’s OK to show off your personality through your choice of phone and what you do with it.

Hassan Mansoor
Hassan Mansoor is the Founder and Director at Technical Minds Web. After completing Masters in Business Administration, he established a small digital marketing agency with the primary focus to help the small business owners to grow their online businesses. Being a small entrepreneur, he has learned from project management, and day to day staff management and staff productivity. He's a regular contributor on Business.com.


  1. I agree that phone choice connects with personalities on some level. If we think back to the Blackberry days it is really apparent that business minded people tended to flock to the BB device. I agree with your take on iPhone and Galaxies. I’m a Galaxy user and I really am not all that invested in my mobile experience so to speak.

  2. Thanks for the article, it’s interesting to see how tech choices are linked to perceived personality traits.

  3. Thanks Nirbhay for commenting. I think nor Samsung neither iPhone reflects your personality, just buying choices show off you.

  4. I think that our personalities can be in some way defined by how we use our phones (our experience of using it), and how we use them is defined by the phones themselves. Also the model/manufacturer of the phone on subconscious level influences how we act and how we perceive ourselves

  5. I still don’t think so a smartphone could define customer’s personality. Their choice of apps might do.

  6. personality could define by the phone, Nowadays it doesn’t matter phone is actually the medium of communication it can not define the human perception or personality. I can see many people who love iPhone but they use android.


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