5 Terrible Ecommerce Marketing Automation Mistakes to Avoid in the Future


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Any ecommerce business whether registered as a Private Limited of LLP in India will need to come with a marketing plan for product or services. Every year new marketing innovations bring new ways for businesses to engage with consumers. It is essential to ensure that you are aware of the latest avenues that can be utilized to boost your revenues.

Automation marketing is one such tool that is aiding businesses to target their customers more efficiently. It helps in managing the marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multifarious channels automatically. Businesses can automate important messages across email, web social, and text by defining the workflow.

Although we can assume that mechanization can deal with everything, can it deal with the changing customer needs? The answer depends on your ability to leverage automation marketing.

When utilized as an extremely powerful tool, it can help create B2C ecommerce platform for your businesses to create a personalized experience for thousands of customers. On the other hand, if used improperly, it can create a negative impact on your business.

We have created a list of costly automation marketing mistakes that can nullify your efforts to enhance customer engagement and increase revenues. Avoiding these mistakes will help you achieve your targets and save time and money.

  • Not Coming Up with a Cohesive Plan.

Executing automation marketing techniques can benefit your ecommerce business in a number of ways. However, if you do not have a definite goal and set of plans, you may end up wasting even the best lead management software. Without a specific strategy in place, your marketing strategy is likely to fail. It may also happen that your business might center on the wrong motive. Even if you have a decided goal but do not have a plan to achieve it, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired results. You may end up sending wrong messages, missing deadlines and promoting wrong campaigns.

So instead of shooting in the dark, assess your goals before implementing any marketing technique. How can you do it? Then build a team of diligent creatives as any successful strategy is a combination of software, process, budget, content, and people.

  • No Utilizing Customer Data

Does your marketing automation software fit with the purchase journey of your customer? The tool depicts data comprising website activity, email, transaction history, and demographics. This data represents the customer’s buying behavior to create focused actions. This focus enhances the user experience and understands the motive behind those actions. However, a few marketers, due to the lack of knowledge, do not utilize this customer data

What can you do?

Analyze your customer data to segment your email list. Implement strategic automation marketing utilizing customer data to send correct personalized messages.

  • Forgetting Customers after Selling the Product

Many ecommerce marketers think it is easier to sell your products or services to those who already have customers. But contrary to their expectations, it becomes more difficult to retail the existing customers. The reason behind this is ignorance. Marketers do not pay attention to the post-sales process and just keep on sending the regular mails with coupons to the customers. This is one of the big mistakes as many customers who have bought products from you may not have fallen for the same email they did before.

How to improve?

Once your customers complete the transaction, inform them about the status of their product, send them relevant blogs, articles, how-to guides related to your product, and let them know about your social presence. This is just an example. You can obviously take more steps to give your customers a personalized experience.

  • Sending Too Many Emails Too is Not Good

We know that marketing automation tools smoothen many customers focused functionalities such as sending multiple automated personalized emails, text messages and more. But just because you have the liability to send as many emails as you want, doesn’t mean you should bombard your customer’s inbox with your mail. What’s to be done instead? Act more wisely and send emails smartly by delivering only that information which is relevant.

  • Not Testing the Content

Testing the content is one of the most essential parts of marketing automation. It enables businesses to know more about their customers, their purchasing behavior and whether the campaign will be a success or not. Forgetting or ignoring to optimize your content is probably one of the biggest mistakes.

When your A/B tests your content for accuracy and relativity, it reduces your chances of sending the wrong email or sending it to the wrong audience. It also helps in knowing if your email templates are responsive or not.


The value of marketing automation platforms for ecommerce businesses is certain and is only going to increase in the coming future. A deliberate and calculated approach can boost your sales, increase customer engagement and generate value for your brand. So, make sure to avoid these mistakes to improve your business, save time and money and prove the success of your product in the market.

Shrijay Sheth
Shrijay Sheth is the co-founder at LegalWiz.in. Legalwiz provides legal consultancy and accounting services for Indian business entities; ranging from registering a business to bookkeeping. Shrijay is a seasoned entrepreneur and a serial Startup evangelist with interests in eCommerce, legal services, and business consultancy.


  1. Really enjoyed your identification of the problems – but more importantly – the offering of ANSWERS. In a world where complaining is not only king, it’s all far too many can offer. That you’ve literally got the potential answers for the problems right next to what “ails us” is tremendous. Thanks for that, for your candor and I look forward to your next offering, Shrijay!

  2. I agree with all mistakes you’ve mentioned. They are indeed common. I think you need to do your marketing as “human-friendly” as possible. You need to test your content, and that’s an order. You should run A/B tests for your emails in your workflow, testing the subject line, CTA, and “friendly from” . People prefer to receive emails from real humans instead of NoReply@….


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