5 Reasons You Need a CRM Champion


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A CRM Champion is a designated team member assigned to spearheading your CRM efforts. This person is in charge of the implementation, getting people onboarded, training, troubleshooting, and more. You are more likely to succeed with CRM if you appoint a designated CRM driver. Let’s take a closer look.

1. They get everyone onboarded.
Your CRM Champion will be in charge of making sure everyone gets appropriate access into your new CRM system. They go through each team and ensure all have a login and their permissions are setup to access the data they need. This way, people are not scrambling to get a login, password, or needed permissions.

2. They organize and schedule trainings.
CRM is complex as Richard Boardman once said. If you want everyone to understand the workings of the platform and how they can use it to help them do their jobs better, then you need training. Yes, you NEED training. The CRM Champion will coordinate the training and make sure that everyone has the resources they need to get acquainted and up and running with the system. This person will also know everything about the system, so they can help their colleagues when issues arise.

3. They establish a consistent process for the team.
It’s great when everyone uses the CRM, but it’s even better when people use it consistently. For example, all participating CRM users should enter data in the same way. This helps marketing accurately segment users and target them with relevant and personalized content. The CRM Champ will establish this process and ensure consistency across all data points.

4. They step in when help is needed.
Sometimes things go awry and it is important to have someone that knows what they are doing to fix the situation. For example, let’s say there is a small glitch in the system and a CRM activity was deleted. Instead of each user contacting support, they have a point person, the CRM Champ, that can either troubleshoot the issue or contact their support and get the answer they need. This is what we call efficiency.

5. They are the CRM’s biggest cheerleader.
CRM usage is integral to CRM success. However, people may be adverse to change or using a new technology they have never seen before. Your CRM champ is the ultimate cheerleader for implementation. They understand the many benefits of CRM and can relay that to the entire team, getting them excited about how much easier life will be with this new technology.

So, if you are planning to implement CRM in your organization, find the best person to name CRM Champ as this helps streamline and setup the process for success.


  1. Great article, Alessandra! Each of your points is incredibly valid and important. As a CX manager, it is my job to get everyone on board, be the cheerleader, and create processes that will better the CRM experience. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  2. Thanks Katie! I appreciate the feedback. I’d love to hear more about your position and what you do to really propel the CRM implementation to help better the CX. Would love to hear more insights from you. If you are interested in a potential contributed article, email me at [email protected].

  3. Very good points that you have discussed really CRM is pretty much alive these days its just the way you plan and execute things many lazy companies are these days complaining these days that CRM is dead its useless without trying enough without properly using the arsenal at their disposal. If you gear it properly it will definitely roll but if you don’t it will definitely churn.


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