Survey: Brands consumers love (Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon and Google) and what drives loyalty


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ClickFox just released results from a brand loyalty survey. It won’t shock anyone that Apple was the top pick, followed by Coca Cola in the second spot. Amazon and Google tied for third. Other top brands included Starbucks, Target and Microsoft.

According to the press release, the survey was short (10 questions) and the number of respondents was small (427). So take these findings with a grain of salt.

Respondents said quality and customer service are the most important factors in their loyalty to a brand. Price was third and convenience fourth. Not surprising, but it should be noted that what consumers say may not match what they actually do.

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When asked what brands could do to build loyalty, it’s interesting that the customer experience (“exceptional 24/7 customer service”) was the top pick. The next two were about rewards and offers, which I’d say are related to price or value for money.

My take: Although consumers say they are loyal to quality, they don’t seem to expect that brands can make significant improvements there. So the focus shifts to customer experience and price/rewards as differentiators to earn more loyalty. In fact, nearly two-thirds of respondents said that brands are not doing enough to reward them.

Hmmm, so far as I know, Apple doesn’t have a loyalty program, and seems to be doing just fine.

Other findings shown in the infographic below. You can download the report here.


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