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Product Centric Selling, It Really Is About Us!

I’ve been having an email conversation with a colleague about, “Why are sales people so product focused in their sales outreach?” We all know, at least I hope we do, that focusing on the customer, their issues/opportunities, and how we help them achieve their goals, is much more effective than pitching our products. Yet, [...]

Do We Even Need Sales People Anymore

Recently, I read a post from a marketing person I really respect. This person was asking the question and making the argument that perhaps we need to rethink selling, perhaps eliminate it. He’s a thoughtful person, so I paid attention to what he was saying. Fundamentally, he built an his argument off two items. [...]

A Paradox, The Sales Process And The Buying Journey

As sales professionals we face an intriguing paradox. We know, for complex B2B buying, the buyer’s journey can best be described as chaotic. What we have always believed is a linear process–identify a challenge, commit to change, define the problem/needs, evaluate alternatives, select a solution, turns out to be chaotic, as illustrated by [...]

Strategic Procurement And Sales, On Parallel Paths

Probably, ever since the first sale was made to a customer that involved a buying agent, procurement and sales professionals have viewed each other as adversaries. Every time I talk to a sales person about procurement, eyes roll, a groan escapes their lips, and the nightmare begins, “All they are going to do is beat me [...]

Turbulence And Fear Of Buying

I spend too much of my life on planes. The other day was a rough flight, it was typical winter storms. I’ve become immune to the occasional shaking, even the captain suspending service for a few minutes. But this flight caused me to pause. We hit a pocket, it seemed like [...]

Everything In Sales Is Dead, Long Live Sales And Selling!

It’s tedious, every day a scroll through my various news feeds, there are any number of articles declaring the death of something in sales, or sales itself. Cold calling is deadSocial selling is deadROI is deadSaaS selling is deadThe telephone is deadEmail is deadCRM is deadThe selling process is dead[Name a methodology] is deadAI replaces the [...]

The Coming Sales Talent Crisis, Part 3

If you haven’t sensed it yet, I think Sales Talent will probably be “THE” issue confronting sales executives in the coming 3-5 years. In some sense, we’ve tried everything else–technology, sales enablement, incentives, wishful thinking–yet sales results continue to plummet. The old maxim, “selling is about people,” has never been more true, but in a [...]

The Coming Sales Talent Crisis, Part 2

I wrote The Coming Sales Talent Crisis, focusing on the struggles our customers face in their buying journey. We are all painfully aware of the struggles they face in solving problems and buying. We know that less than 50% result in a buying decision. We know our customers need help-less in understanding our [...]

The Coming Sales Talent Crisis

It’s clear that customers struggle to buy. The majority of complex B2B buying journeys end in no decision made. What we traditionally thought of as a relatively linear journey is now depicted as shown below. It turns out the challenge in B2B buying is not what we have traditionally thought, or what we have trained our [...]

Our Numbers Aren’t Laws Of Physics!

We tend to think of the Laws Of Physics as fundamental truths about how things behave.* For example, F=M x V (Force is equal to Mass times Velocity). We always calculate force using this formula, it is universal. These Laws represent fundamental behaviors of objects and very predictable properties. Somehow, we seem [...]

Our Customers Include Microsoft, Google, Siemens….

Daily, I’m inundated with emails, InMails, phone calls from sales people trying to catch my attention. Inevitably, at some point, a reference is made to the customers of the company that is trying to sell me something. They always are the names of some of the largest, most respected or envied organizations in the world. [...]

Win/Loss Reviews

One of the key questions I ask when I meet with sales executives and sales people is, “What causes you to win, what causes you to lose?” Often, I ask to see any data and analysis they have on wins and losses. A couple of things happen: Surprisingly, people don’t know the answers. Yes [...]

Never Respond To An RFP That You Didn’t Write!

At a kickoff meeting earlier this week, I was having a disturbing conversation with a group of sales people. It seemed a big part of their “prospecting,” was trolling customers for RFPs and RFIs. I probed them on this, their response was, “It’s so easy, these are people who already want to buy, they’ve [...]

First Impressions Count!

One of the biggest issues we hear from everyone involved in sales and marketing is capturing the customer attention. Whether it’s that first communication, an email, text, or social engagement, that first phone conversation, or that first meeting. Getting that first contact or engagement is something nearly everyone struggles with. Given the difficulty we [...]

Sales Person As Sense Maker

The world, both our customers and our own, is best characterized by turbulence. By this, I mean each of us, at least if we are paying attention, is pummeled by information overload/overwhelm, massive disruption, escalating change, increasingly confusing choices, increasing complexity, transformation, time compression, risk, uncertainty, and distraction. Too often, our customers are struggling to [...]

The “Voices In Our Ears”

I have to confess a weakness to spy/thriller movies. They are great Saturday evening fun. On “date night,” I try to encourage my wife we should see one, she usually finds something else . The cool/high tech spies, often, have an earpiece. There is always someone at “control,” telling them what’s happening, advising [...]

Stop Chasing Customers You Can’t Help!

I’m often asked the fastest way to improve sales productivity. The answer is simple and should be obvious, “Stop Chasing Customers/Prospects You Can’t Help!” That statement is likely to elicit a resounding “Dugghhhh!” The reality, however, is that sales people waste too much time chasing customers they can’t help or worst, customers that don’t [...]

Stop Focusing On SAL’s!

SALs (Sales Accepted Leads) and the resultant SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) are the Holy Grail of Marketing and Sales. Everything we do seems focused both on improving the quality and quantity of these. The thinking is if we get the right volume, our pipeline problems go away, we easily make our numbers. There are a lot [...]

AI And Sales, What We Misunderstand

Based on much of the press, much of it created by vendors of AI solutions, AI is the answer to all the problems we have with sales and marketing. We are presented a brave new world where we can engage the right customers, say exactly the right words at the right time, making sure [...]

Sales People/Manager Churn Is Unacceptable!

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been involved in a number of conversations with colleagues and sales execs. Inevitably, we touch on the sad state of affairs on sales talent. The data on churn (voluntary and involuntary) is horrible! Depending on the market data, tenure for managers and sales people is anywhere between 15 [...]

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