What is Real Native App Development and what to predict about it in 2019


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One of the most fascinating things about technology is that they keep evolving. Today, you might think that yes, this is what I am looking for and the next day, you come across a more comfortable, more convenient and more effective technology that serves the core purpose brilliantly than the former technology.

Take an example of React Native. It came into the market in 2013 and since then, it has carved a niche for itself in the market as the best UI framework to build cross-platform apps. In fact, a recent survey by The State of JavaScript for 2018, it was found that React Native is more loved by the developers than Angular and other frameworks.

Look at your mobile apps and you will find most of the apps developed with the React Native including Instagram, Fiverr, IMDB, PayTM and many more. Even developers too prefer to React Native App Development in Canada and other countries.

First of all, let’s understand what is React Native or React.js:

Before some years ago, Angular was the most favourite open-source framework of developers until React.js was introduced by Facebook. Being one of the most innovative technology companies, Facebook engineers decided to come up with an open-source JavaScript framework that helps developers to design feature-rich and engaging mobile applications with minimum coding.

The limitation of the Angular framework was that it was limited to single page web applications. However, React Native is a cross-platform application development tool that allows fast rendering of new web pages as individual components too have features.

Furthermore, it has a large online community of developers who can help you out when you are trapped in any types of technical issues. Also, it also has a giant tutorial base or self-training for developers.

In this article, we will discuss almost everything that you need to know about the React Native and the popularity of React Native app development in Canada and other countries and its possibilities in 2019.
How React.js make things easy for developers?

First of all, we need to understand what developers want from technology. They want an easy way out to complete the most difficult technical tasks. React Native proposes exactly the same. It is a JavaScript library that has pre-written codes and allows developers to build user interfaces easily and comfortably.

Earlier, developers were mainly depended on HTML5 for app development. With React Native app development in Canada, they have started focusing more on native app development that can bring superior outcomes and exceptional results with minimum efforts.

Let’s understand it with a detailed example. Earlier, developers used to create separate apps for separate mobile platforms. They used to develop an iOS app in Objective C and Android apps in Java. With React Native, you don’t need to develop separate apps for separate platforms. Instead, there is a program that functions similarly to all the platforms. Your app just has to imitate the program and that is all.

Moreover, when developers want to develop specific functionalities quicker, it can be done with React Native Components. One such example is AlertIOS that is used to create iOS alert box for the users.
In addition to that, there are fewer bugs in the final product and the app can be developed in less money. Extra advantages!

What is NativeBase?

If you are talking about React Native and you don’t discuss NativeBase, you are surely missing something. Facebook developers gave their hearts and souls while developing the framework and during the process, they created some invaluable gems that have carved a niche for themselves. One such gem is NativeBase. It is one of the most popular components set for Real Native technology and is widely regarded as one of the most influential open sources to create magnificent apps.

If you are planning to develop a social media app, NativeBase can offer great insights about developing different components such as login box or comment sections and profile management.

Furthermore, if you want to develop an app like Uber, NativeBase also supports some paid premium starter kits to make the development of such app like smooth sailing.

Utilizing NativeBase and other components sets are easy as you can get online training from the experts. There are thousands of videos, blogs and articles about Real Native framework and how to implement it in the actual practice. Such engagement is also one of the reasons for its popularity.
Does it Really Make Handling Projects Easier?

Yes, it is! Let’s understand how! Developers always are in the need of the reusable codes that can help to break down complicated components. It is not possible with traditional frameworks such as Angular.JS or Ember.JS as the developers have to write lots of codes to create separate modules and components.

That’s where React Native app development wins the game! Here, developers don’t need to put any extra efforts. Once a module is designed and the codes are written, they can use them to develop different modules by eliminating the idea to develop new modules each time. It means a lot of clean work and quicker development. Moreover, the loading time of the app in different platforms is also fast compared to apps made on other frameworks. When it comes to cross-platform compatibility, React Native is the name developers always trust.

New Amendments in React Native App Development In 2018

There are some phenomenal changes and developments happened in React Native in the year of 2018. Some of them are described below:
• The release of 0.56 React Native version that was long awaited by the developers. One of the best things about 0.56 React Native version is that it supports developers to create ready-to-launch android apps quicker.
• React Native framework supports Amazon Web Services (AWS).
• An advanced version of React Native called 0.57 for the new iOS 12.

There is some excellent news are in pipeline as developers are working dedicatedly to modernize the architecture of the framework. It will further make the framework more lightweight and improve the speed of the apps made from the React Native framework.

Other reasons to prefer React Native over other frameworks:

When it comes to single web application development, some developers still use Angular.JS. Here is a list of reasons why React Native should be your choice for single web applications:

JSX Making Component Writing Easier

You might argue that the usage of this extension is optional, but when it comes to making single web applications, with JSX, component writing is much easier. Furthermore, it also accepts HTML quoting and easily converts HTML mock-ups to react trees.

Reusable codes improve productivity effectively

One of the best hurdles developers face is writing the same codes again and again for components and functionalities. Thanks to React Native, you don’t need to do lots of rework as simple components like buttons can be used again and again without worrying about it affecting the functionalities.

Faster rendering

Whenever you develop a new application with a different framework, one possibility that you need to think is the app’s slow rendering. If it affects the performance of the app while rendering the app online, it is of no use. Thanks to the virtual DOM of the react native, even complex and heavy apps too load faster than anyone’s anticipation.

Steady codes:

Do you remember those development practices where a simple change in the child element will disturb the parent components so greatly that you have to do it all over again? Thankfully, it is not the case with the React Native as only downward data flow is used here. A developer can update a component only after changing the object and modifying the state. Hence, a change in the child component will not affect the parent component.

Tool sets for easy functioning

Help is there any time you want when it comes to React Native. Here, some design and debugging tools are available as an extension to the browser for both-Chrome and Firefox. Hence, inspection of any components and their states is easy and fast.

Mobile-first approach:

All you need is JavaScript and React to create feature-rich and quick mobile applications that are responsive and can function on all the platforms. For marketers, it simply means less money and excellent output.

Some disadvantages of React you need to remember

React changes a lot

One of the drawbacks of the React Native is that it breaks down and changes frequently, frustrating developers to a great extent. They have to come up with new and evolving ways to do things.

Poor Documentation:

Developers find it quite irritating to write guidelines and documentation every time they make an app. It is an issue that requires a permanent solution.

Small package Ecosystem:

Being a new technology, the ecosystem is very small compared to other frameworks such as Angular.JS. Hence, there are chances that you might not find things you are looking for.

React Native app development in Canada has a promising future as it is a new technology with lots of possibilities and amendments. If you are really looking for a mobile web application, mobile application or a single page website, all you need to do is to develop it in a Real Native environment to make it user-friendly, feature-rich and cost-effective.


The React Native is here to stay and its popularity is increasing at a rapid rate. Companies such as Walmart, Tesla and Airbnb have used React Native to develop their native mobile applications and websites. Due to its ability to use reusable codes and app development at a faster rate makes it one of the most preferred JavaScript framework among developers across the globe.

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