Top Trends for Web and Mobile Technology in 2018


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Technology is a powerful asset in today’s time. It is changing our life very much for good reasons and makes us feel much comfortable. Life cannot be imagined without technology. There are two prominent technologies growing rapidly and offering a number of benefits– Mobile technology and Web technology.

Over the last decade, people have become more reliant on these two technologies. Some are taking interest in developing it while some are just amazed to use it. Basically, web technology is about development and designing. Every business needs a web presence to reach their potential customers and make their existing customers aware of their services. Talking about mobile technology, which is itself a crucial part of today’s fast life. Mobile devices are not the same today as they were in the early 90’s, there were very few functions like calling, text messages, calculator, alarm etc.

Nowadays, these devices have transformed into smartphones. Smartphones are smart because of applications residing in it. Mobile apps are used to perform several small to big tasks easily, smartly and without much effort. You can order food, shop online, book tickets for the movie, flight etc and almost everything with the help of mobile apps.
Both these technologies are making their roots stronger in IT sector. For the sake of aspiring developers, we are going to discuss some future trends for both industries. Let’s get started.

1. Artificial Intelligence

It is a technology which has created a lot of buzzes today and making our life easier in many ways. We all are familiar with AI as you have seen the voice assistant in your smartphone or take the suggestion for a perfect product while shopping online. It is nothing but software that gathers data and analyzes it and responds intelligently as a human brain does.

But unlike, the human brain, there is nothing like short-term memory loss, information overloading, sleep deprivation, distractions etc. You might have noticed that the Facebook news feeds adjusts automatically with your interest and displays it on the top of the page.

Machine learning is an important outlet for artificial intelligence. It has been implemented in today’s web development in order to record their customer’s habit and improve the user experience which helps to retain customers. Integrating AI into Chatbots on your existing web and mobile technology is something common today.

Talking about mobile app development, machine learning algorithms have effectively refined the data of users and functions to leverage the benefits of AI. Many health-oriented apps, gaming apps and trip planner apps are strongly relying on AI. This trend will be continued in 2018 to deliver new prospects in both mobile and web technologies.

2. Virtual Reality

A very famous game of 2016 – Pokémon go, which became very popular because of virtual reality. A lot of people have optimized it for developing web-based applications, websites and mobile applications. This technology has been a trending one in 2017 and will be definitely going to shape web and app development in 2018 as well. Let’s understand the concept first.

Virtual reality is a fully immersive computer-simulated environment that gives the user to feel that environment. A number of games have developed the apps and inherit this technology to put the users experience the virtual world. Sensory stimulations are used in it just like smell, taste, touch, view and hearing. Well, it’s a great experience; you can dive into the depth of VR to know more.

Virtual reality is letting many web developers to explore their skills and efforts to enhance the capabilities of web applications. Traditional web browsers are providing VR interface to facilitate their users with VR functionalities.

Web communities are experimenting with web VR and moving forward with a new approach that suited to the modern web. The credit goes to new web API which enables WebGL content to be displayed in 3D with the help of VR headset.

WebVR was first introduced in 2014 by Mozilla. A single VR based website can make an immersive scene and that can be used to deliver on all devices or platforms. This change is challenging for businesses to deliver a more advanced experience on their website.

Mobile technology is fond of VR, whether it is a gaming app, health-related app or fitness app, VR is everywhere. Consumers are demanding virtual reality capabilities in their apps. Mobile app development services are taking complete advantage of this amazing technology to unlock various potentials to engage their user base in an effective way.

Real estate, travel industries and automotive industries are using VR-based apps to provide the best assistance to facilitate their users by allowing them viewing internal aspects more clearly in 3D. In this way, VR is acquiring and increasing the scope of mobile app development.

This trend is really beneficial for both groups (app and web development). Let we hope to see more stellar experience in the coming year.

3. Blockchain

It is a decentralized technology which is used to manage the database that records the digital transaction. To transfer any piece of digital property in a safe and secure manner, blockchain is used.

The digital world is a way different than the physical world. It is more facilitated, modern and flexible at one side but prone to more harm at another side. When it comes to trust, it is always a risk judgment. You may have important data files which you want to share with someone without any data loss and data attacks.

Presently, you might have heard about a popular term ‘bitcoin’ which is a cryptocurrency. Gradually it is becoming the largest market for investment. People are investing in it similar to share markets and mutual funds in order to raise the value of their money and get higher returns.

Companies are demanding to accept bitcoin as a cost of their provided service. The underlying technology behind the transaction of bitcoin is blockchain because the currency itself has a decentralized nature.

The basic mechanism of blockchain is to create a record of information and manage its legitimacy. It can be updated. No single resource controls the information just like in Wikipedia there is no single publisher; entry can be made by as many people according to their knowledge. Although this is a little similarity in the system, blockchain has a different digital backbone.

Blockchain is built by three core technologies –
1. Internet
2. Private key Encryption
3. Protocol governing incentivization

In the blockchain, private key cryptography provides a robust ownership tool that fulfils authentication requirements. It has a giant distributed database which is used to publish new data and nodes.

Basically, the technology is new to most of the sectors; it is still trying to establish its roots. Beginners are looking forward to the field of development with this technology. They are learning skills, codes and all ins and outs of it. 2018 will definitely be a brighter year for blockchain development.

4. CRM Systems

Cloud computing has given a new shape to the modern business system by providing databases, security, servers, storage, software, networking analytics and many more. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are now cloud-based. Organizations are taking CRMs more seriously to improve their working environment. The employees are more productive and deliver the best results by facilitated tools.

If you are operating a development firm, you are probably using the CRM, because sending emails, editing documents and managing team operations are some of the daily prioritized tasks for you. In order to manage these tasks, you are surely relying on CRM. Customer data is an important thing and you can view every interaction of your customers with the help of CRM. Different tools of CRM are used to focus on automating business processes, maintaining relationships with customer and analyzing data.

From startups to a global corporation, non-profits to government agencies, almost every sector is embracing this technology for all kind of benefits. For development firms, it provides a transparent environment where team members can view the work of each other, consult with each other for a good cause, and share the resources.

Following are some of the major benefits of a CRM system –

• Reduces the expenses of buying hardware and software and their setups
• Speeds up the performance by saving hours from manual work
• Takes care of tedious and forgotten tasks
• Creates automatic actions and provides reliability

There are various CRMs available in the CRM market based on different functionalities. Oracle, SAP and Salesforce are some of the most popular CRMs. Whenever CRM is discussed, it is next to impossible that Salesforce is not counted. No doubt, it is an amazing CRM which is facilitating many organizations with its advanced tools and functionalities. You will get more than a CRM on Salesforce integration.

Even you can experience Salesforce in mobile devices too. If the team is working remotely, the Salesforce1 app can do all sort of favours to you. This trend can never be out of the latest trend. It is expected that in upcoming years, next-generation CRM will be powered up by AI.

Let’s Wrap up

Well, you are now deeply updated with the above-mentioned trends which will stay in the arena of 2018. Gear up your development with the practice of each trend and stay above your competitors. The main motive to follow the trend is to move parallel with the latest strategies.

We hope you liked the article, do share your views in the comment section. Also, you are free to share any of the trends which you want to add to this list. Good Luck!!

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