Let’s see: how are B2B sales made?


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Some of the most compelling pieces being used in B2B sales these days are visuals. Ones that help buyers and sellers come to agreement on what a buyer’s situation looks like and what might be done to improve it are especially effective. Friend + colleague Dave Brock tweeted the other day an example of one such ‘doodle’ from Jessica Hagy [whose drawings beautifully illustrate the value of ‘seeing things’ differently].

One of Jessica’s recent doodles suggested ‘how are sales made’? It might be better titled ‘how are product-focused sales made’? For more complex B2B offerings that require executive sponsorship, there are two problems with this conceptual model. First, it starts with what you have. Second, it concludes with ‘let them know’. In general, this tends to be the exact opposite of what we’re seeing produce larger sales, with higher margins, and less buyer churn.

Buyer-focused B2B sales start with challenges the buyer faces [not with what you have],
and get made by helping buyers discover *with you*
ways to conquer those challenges.

How are your B2B sales made?

Is it with the right focus?


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