Infographic: Are These 4 Customer Experience Nightmares Haunting Your Contact Center?


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Forget vampires, werewolves and all the other seasonal spooks. If you’re looking for an extra-scary Halloween costume this year, we recommend dressing up as a sub-par customer experience. From what we’ve seen, no other “monster” is capable of sucking as much life out of your business and your bottom line.

With nearly three-quarters of consumers (72%*) stating that a sub-par experience would convince them to never do business with that company again, the stakes are alarmingly high. NewVoiceMedia reports that businesses are losing as much as $41 million every year when customers walk away frustrated.**

But look on the fright side… It’s possible to measurably improve customer experience by identifying gaps between service and expectations. The infographic below is a good place to start!


* Aspect Personas Survey, 2014
** NewVoiceMedia: A Nation of Serial Switchers, 2014


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