How Rapid App Development can Change Your Development Process


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The process of software development has evolved over the years, with more effective solutions created. Time is usually the most important factor considered by a lot of software developers, and it’s played a significant role here. That’s why there’s a need to reduce the time spent in creating software while maximizing its effectiveness. Unlike virtually all other physical manufactured products that require its developer to finish before testing, software development is entirely different. Software development allows the top app developers USA to improve on the design, functionality and so many other aspects as they go. This makes it easier to correct any flaws at the prototype phase before it’s finally released.

For many top app developers in the USA, the most reliable option to work effectively in a fast paced environment is Rapid Application Development. Rapid Application Development was created to help the process of prototyping without necessarily worrying about the end product. The importance of having good development models, while creating software is never overemphasized.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways rapid app development can change the development process for your web and mobile development company. However, to fully understand how much impact this process can impact you, you need to understand what it is entirely. Before we get to that, we have to realize what rapid application development is.

What Exactly Is Rapid Application Development?

For many years, any web and mobile development company that offered mobile app development services made use of the waterfall model of development. The waterfall model of development usually follows a linear sequence of events. This method of development was popular in the construction and engineering sector. The major flaw in the waterfall model of development is the fact that without completing one phase, the others are impossible. Hence, you have to ensure all of the steps are completed sequentially. However, with Rapid Application, the process is different.

The Rapid Application Process allows top developers in the USA to make multiple updates as they create software. With the waterfall model of development it requires starting from scratch anytime there’s a problem, and with RAD that’s not necessary. Rapid Application Development prioritizes quick feedback and multiple updates over long development cycles. Even though many developers that offer mobile app development services have recently begun to make a switch, Rapid Application Development has been around for a long time.

The Rapid Application Development system has been in use since the 1980s. However, it continued to evolve to suit the needs of users over the years. Once this distinct feature was discovered, it has since become the most utilized option for developers.

The Difference between the Waterfall Development & the Rapid Application Development System

The systems mentioned above for creating software applications have been active for some time. However, the primary reason why the Rapid Application Development System is the choice for many is as a result of the few steps involved. Unlike the Waterfall development model that has a series of sequential steps, the Rapid Application System has only a few:

i) Define The Requirements: This essentially requires developers or the web and mobile development company to provide broad requirements for the software.

ii) Prototypes: This is the most critical aspect of working with RAD. Developers that offer mobile app development services can create different prototypes with different features for testing. This way, it’s easier to arrive at a final decision.

iii) Feedback: Feedback is necessary to make more updates and adjustment to the prototypes. The functionality, interface and other features are usually the most prioritized in this phase.

iv) Finalize Software: Once you’re satisfied with the updates made in regards to functionality, usability, interface, aesthetics, and many others, you can deliver to the client.

These steps sum up the processes involved in the Rapid Application Development system. The importance of the RAD system in the development of software is one that cannot be overlooked. Working with the RAD system of software creation can impact your process positively and effectively in the following ways:

Reduces Development Time

One of the significant ways the RAD system affects your development process is the fact that it saves time. Unlike the usual waterfall development system that involves a lot of sequences, RAD only involves a few steps. These steps make the developmental stage of creating software faster and more effective. Also, during the prototype phase, you can make additions to existing features easily without having to start over. Hence, it saves time that will be useful for other productive tasks within a company.

Quick Feedback & Solution

One of the most amazing features of the RAD system is that it allows developers to offer solutions to a flaw. Since the prototyping phase of the RAD system makes it easier to add more updates, this helps in meeting the client’s requirements.

It Gives You a Better Understanding of Your Client’s Needs

Good communication is one of the necessary factors needed to make a job an overall success. The RAD system gives developers a better understanding of what exactly their client needs. This is possible because during the prototyping phase the clients and developers come together to brainstorm. The required features and updates are discussed and agreed upon. This ultimately helps developers deliver excellent work at the end of the day.

It Offers a High Level of Productivity

A major benefit of utilizing the RAD system is the ability to increase productivity. With more time on your hands, using the RAD system allows you to work on multiple prototypes at a time. Hence, you can create different software programs at the same time. Also, this system of software creation works across various industries. Any developer can utilize the system for their projects.

To Wrap It Up

The Rapid Application Development system is currently making an impact in most web and mobile development companies today. The reasons aren’t far-fetched, as the benefits are numerous. With a more natural means to maximize productivity and minimize mistakes, the RAD System is an excellent option for all developers.

Vishal Bhatia
Vishal Bhatia is an international pioneer and expert innovator in the field of outsourced web, software, and mobile application development. In the last decade as the CEO and Co-founder of Dedicated Developers, he has successfully partnered on development projects with over 320 technology companies from 12 different countries to bring their web and mobile application ideas to life. His passionate team at Dedicated Developers is revolutionizing the outsourcing industry by cost-effectively aligning technology strategies focused on fueling business growth.


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