Customer-Experience Trends to watch out for in 2020


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Interactions between organizations, business firms, and customers should be ideal for the perfect customer experience everyone loves. Throughout eras, centuries, and generations, the customer experience has been evolving gradually. This has evolved to you a point wherein, customers are particular in what they seek from a product or a business service.

Organizations should keep this in mind while designing their services and products to gain the utmost customer experience. Remember, a better customer experience translates to a good profit margin. This is a wonderful reason for, to keep track of customer experience trends in 2020.

Customer Marketing

Does customer marketing have any significance in enhancing customer experience? Some might think and ask. Well, although the process of customer marketing is tedious, it has shown to provide one of the best customer experiences. Misconceptions about this process have put organizations and business firms on the back-foot when it comes to practicality.

Customer marketing is beneficial to both businesses and customers. Through this process, a strong bond can be formed between both parties, which will ultimately improve and enhance the customer experience. For this to work out, customer marketing should collaborate with marketing, sales, account management, customer support, and product development.

Go-to-customer strategy

So, based on customer-market research, what are the factors essential for achieving the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction? Well, the four main pillars of customer marketing include:

There should be clarity in thoughts and ideas about how different sections of an organization or a business firm should approach customers for maximum positive impact. A proper analysis of information and data gathered from various surveys and researches done by the different departments in a firm can help develop a strategy for an amazing customer marketing scheme. This scheme helps in targeting customers and personalization of products and services. Attracting customers this way can enhance the profit for any business firm or organization.

Customer Satisfaction, the ultimate goal

So, based on customer-market research, what are the factors essential for achieving the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction? Well, the four main pillars of customer marketing include:

  • Segmenting customers into various groups according to industrial segments and maturity stage. This aid in the process of personalization; the first step towards a wonderful bond!
  • Engage them most aptly. How? You might ask. An illuminating campaign that draws new customers to you while not losing your previous consumers could be the best way.
  • Satisfy people through significant interactions, which can be achieved by an attractive campaign with investment opportunities.
  • Growth of the entire organization as well as the bond between business firms and customers. Satisfied customers, help in the sale of products and services via word-of-mouth. They could be referred to as ‘potential promoters’. Net Promoter Score (NPS) aids in identifying these people; an efficient way to assess the success of a campaign.

What to keep an eye on

It is a known fact that observation is the key to undertaking any endeavors that bring you great rewards; isn’t it? This makes it essential to look into various customer emerging experience trends.

Expectations might play a key role in assessing the trends of customer-experience to watch out for in 2020. Customer empowerment has played a huge role in uplifting the face of many business firms. By knowing the right trends, business firms and organizations can effectively engage with customers by interacting accurately. Updation of businesses is crucial for them to reach out to potential clients and customers.

Wouldn’t it be useful and fun to know more about the customer-experience trends to watch out for in 2020? As business firms and organizations, you should keep an eye on the latest trends without fail.

Instant Gratification piques customer-curiosity

The first impression is the best. What could be the one ultimate factor that draws customers to products or services? Well, customers watch-out for those products that can satisfy their needs or curiosity. Now-a-day, customers go for those brands that can offer the best quality with a super-fast deliverance. Business firms and organizations should design products and services keeping this aspect in mind.

Two main elements aid in generating instant gratification for customers. These include visual aspects as well as personalization. Visual factor enhances the clarity while personalization generates a vibe, which attracts the customers. For incorporating personalization into the products and services, business firms and organizations collect basic customer data that include interests, behaviors, and personality. A high-level personalization using reviews of various customers can help, business firms, attract a lot more people to use the products and services. This aids the products and services to provide a wonderfully enhanced customer experience.

Intelligent technology enhances the customer experience

All products and services are becoming smart; but, how? You might wonder. Well, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, everything is becoming smart. The AI algorithm can self-learn and adapt based on what customer needs. These self-learning business products and services will enhance the customer experience to a different level. For instance, virtual assistants, as well as chatbots, offer a personalized experience, which will surprise you thereby keeping your mind pleasant.

Trust and privacy play a crucial role in making modern technology reliable and safe. Data and information privacy and protection will aid in this process. Unifying all the elements needed by customers under one roof can bring in rewards that can boost the customer experiences.

Innovation speaks to customers!

Smart usability of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) enhances the customer experience through increased customer engagement. What could be VR and AR? You might ask. Well, these are intelligent uses of graphics, video, and audio that can improve the business products and services. This innovation speaks to customers, which aid in understanding the ways and behavior as well as personalities of various people. The data can be used in enhancing the customer experience even more.

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a norm in households as well as business organizations these days. Customers will be able to buy anything via a series of clicks on their smart-phone, cars, and voice devices to name a few.

A boom of E-commerce by 2020 will aid in enhancing the customer experience to a different level. With billions of products on the internet, customers can buy anything they want and get a unique experience.

Competitive enterprise market-place

By incorporating vertical marketplaces, business firms and organizations can enhance the customer experience. Also, they can stay competitive in the cut-throat marketplace. So, what is a vertical marketplace? You might think. Selling products and services via very experienced personnel from the firm is referred to as a vertical marketplace as this brings in great depth to the product and services they sell. This boosts customer service experiences.


Business firms and organizations offer subscriptions to customers, which encourages them to get involved with their products and services. What is the benefit of subscriptions? For customers, they can get products at an affordable value; whereas, the business firms can gather more information that aids in high-level personalization of products.

Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Optimization of APIs via progressive web apps (PWA) helps customers’ access products in a lightning way. This offers freedom to retailers and customers and thus enhances the customer experience.

Customer Analytics

Analysis of the data by customers helps in personalization, which aids in improving products and services.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered solutions improve customer experience. It makes the products and services smart. It’s a good way to enhance customer experiences.

What would be future customer-experience trends?

Virtual call-centers

Call-centers run by chatbots and AI call-center agents are revolutionizing the sector of troubleshooting services. These virtual call-centers save a lot of time as well by providing the right information at the right time.

Digital Transformation

How will digital transformation boost customer experience? Well, digitalization is changing the whole retail industry. With this, E-commerce, as well as the online shopping experience, is booming. This digital transformation process will enhance the customer-experiences and take it to a new level.


Business firms and organizations have started to offer products and services using self-help tools. This aids in knowing what a customer needs and expectations from a particular business firm or organization. It also helps in enhancing the customer-experiences.

Voice commands

Innovation helps business firms to incorporate everyone in their marketing campaign. For instance, voice-based technology can aid blind customers to have a wonderful shopping experience. With the time of essence these days, busy customers can use voice commands to indulge in a fast shopping experience.

Tracking customer needs before engagement

It would be ideal for everyone to know about the customer’s needs before fruitfully engaging them. This is referred to as Omni-channel Delivery. This way the shopping would become much more rewarding and cohesive.

Recall technology

So, what is recall technology? Recall technology uses tools that can monitor any flaws in products. This aids in preventing major issues. The agents can correct any errors before it is launched into the market. Customers are engaged through personalized video tools, which is indeed a unique experience.

Being transparent with customers

You all will agree that being transparent is a very good form of interacting with customers. Ideals and philosophies of various brands will attract future customers who might be savvier. So, transparency is a key to give those customers, along with earlier ones, a great experience.

Hope you have a good idea about customer- experience trends as of now!

The data and information that is discussed here help in understanding the mindsets of different customers as well as various business firms and organizations. The things that are said here are very useful; isn’t it? Inculcating these ideas into the business products and services you design will help in achieving the profit you are seeking for. Enjoy a wonderful time designing useful products and services, while giving the best customer experience there to all people.

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