Be Good FOR Your Customer


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Have you ever come across a statement or a question that absolutely spun your head around, making you look at things in a brand new way?

It happened to me yesterday. I was reading a blog post by outstanding customer service speaker and writer, Shep Hyken, in which he wrote:

“Don’t just be good TO the customer. Be good FOR the customer.”

My mind was reeling as I thought of the importance of that statement. Being good TO the customer is certainly important, and implies the application of sound customer service principles. Being good FOR the customer, however, takes the interaction way, way up the value chain. Being good FOR the customer takes thought and it requires treating the customer as an individual.

Here’s the link to Shep’s post – check it out: “Be good for your customer.”

Something to think about: Put a sign next to your phone, in your briefcase, in your office or cubicle, next to the cash register, etc. asking, “How can I be good FOR this customer?”


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