Nicholas Zeisler

Does FCR make sense? It depends.

I recently took part in a discussion among CX experts regarding FCR, short in our parlance for First Contact Resolution. That it used to be called First Call Resolution speaks to one point I want to make. We struggled with this in the last job I...

Are your Customers the goal…Or just part of the machine?

Is your organization putting the Customer at the center of your process? Or is your Customer simply a part of it, providing inputs just like every other element?

Be careful what you measure!

I recently fielded a question from someone regarding moving NPS ratings from 8s to 9s. I asked why that was important. It was noticeable that the question was posed in terms of numerical scores, rather than moving Passives to Promoters, so I...

Hiring your CX team

One of the most fulfilling things I've ever done as a leader was build a team.  Whether I’m actively looking or get a random call from a recruiter, usually the most intriguing potential aspect of a job is getting to hire people for a...

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