6 Common Misconceptions about PPC


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PPC services are the hottest trend nowadays which is regularly optimized by many of you to mark the success of your business. It is a model of internet marketing in which marketers pay only when their ad is clicked. It’s an easy way to make people visit your website and buy from you, rather than trying to have organic visits.

The process of PPC advertising is much simple: advertisers have to bid for advertising in a preferred search engine’s sponsored links and when someone enters search query related to your offering, it will appear on the top of the search page results. These days, PPC advertising encompasses all kind of traditional media formats. In this post, we would like to discuss some misconceptions about PPC which are most likely taken by people who are going to put pace through PPC. Let’s take a glance at its benefits and challenges to understand it well.

• Highly targeted advertising
• Targeting customers who are ready to buy
• Manageable daily and monthly weekly budgets
• The immediate return on investment
• The tangible, quantifiable and measurable result

Challenges you may face in PPC campaigns

• Limited time and resources
• Lack of experience
• Fear of making mistakes
• Not being able to generate a return on a PPC campaign

Lack of qualified professionals and smart technology increases the chances of facing these challenges. To manage your campaign you should immune these things complexly to develop your budget further and generate much more impressive returns.

The important aspect of performing PPC Campaigns

is the search engine. Google AdWords is the most popular search engine. Bing, yahoo search, and spots are some of the most commonly optimize search engines for PPC advertising.

Now, let’s come to the point and have a look at some common misconceptions about PPC-

1. It’s a one-hit wonder

People mistakenly believe that PPC campaign can increase their sales overnight. Effective keywords and bids can somewhere give you instant profit by reaching the top and earn some organic sales, but for others, these efforts are of no point. Ideal services with top class products and extremely good networking often have a harder time reaping the advantages of PPC. At such a stage, there are a few people who will search for that product or service.

It is not like if you are getting much benefit in initial times of your PPC practices, and after that some downfall you receive in sales, don’t stop your practices half done, stick with it. Let it take some time and effort to achieve the desired success. It is not like to set button and have a feel of the complete reel, you have to design your efforts. However, don’t be a time-dependent too; it is up to you to maintain the growth.

2. PPC Campaigns Are Only Profitable on Google

This is an undeniable fact that Google is the topmost platform for PPC campaigns. As per the report, 65% of total searches are performed on Google. And this figure of 65% naturally makes a great sense to advertising efforts. But it will give you a better ROI by taking a portion of your budget on some other search engine as well. You can also try other search engines for avoiding such a high price and heavy policies of Google. You do not require relying entirely on Google.

3. Dumping all keywords will get you good traffic

However, it is good to focus your keywords maximally to cover all kind of search. But it can be a costly method which can leave you with zero returns.
For example, if you are a real estate business which is offering elite flats in an urban area, the keyword may be ‘urban’, but it will not as much optimized for conversion. Correct keyword optimization is necessary. You can consult the right keywords with the help of a digital marketing agency.

4. Expecting high click-through rates

People generally keep an eye on their click-through rates. The aim must be of high conversions not of the high click-through rates. You want the people who visit your website to make use of your efforts or actually buy from you. The fact is – the low click rates can also bring favourable results for you. A well-crafted metric is vital.

5. You have to be socially active on each platform to use advertising on it

This is true for Twitter as an account is required to use the twitter ads. For LinkedIn, you need a company page. But that doesn’t mean to be active on social media all the time to use its ad platform. For B2B advertisers, social PPC is a great fit whether the brand is active or not. There is not a strict rule that you have to appear on social media to put your ad. For non-active advertisers, the options are –
• Facebook right-column ads
• LinkedIn Ads
• Twitter promoted accounts

6. Always Trust Automation/ Never Trust Automation

This misconception is a bit confused one that is making hard to count people who prefer automation and those who do not prefer any type of automation. You have to read out script rules from advanced platforms to know more insights.

Let’s Wrap Up

The best thing about PPC advertising is that it can be measured and you can track your success through various metrics. You can determine the values by its existing numbers and see what is working for you or what is not. Also, you can manage your budget to have a power of control and transparency in business.

PPC Management Services is a highly effective way to drive traffic and sales. Optimizing digital marketing efforts in the right way can provide you with long-term advantages. Hope this discussion of misconceptions help you avoid these and provide you with the route to success in your PPC efforts.

You can share your views on this post right below in the comment section, and you are allowed to share any other misconception too to enhance the knowledge of readers.

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