5 Mobile Marketing Techniques To Improve Your Mobile Conversion


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You should know that the mother of all the battles in Internet business is based today on optimizing the conversion rate you get from each person who visits your site. But before getting into the subject, it is necessary to explain: What is a conversion rate? Very simple: it is the amount of total sales generated by your online business for each visitor you have. That is, if your site has 100 visitors and you sell to only 2 people; it means that you have a conversion rate of 2%. But just imagine that if your conversion rate was 4% or 6%, your business would probably sell twice or triple what it sells today, great, right?

Mobile Marketing has many techniques to improve results, but depending on your purposes, some work better than others. Therefore, determining the main objectives for your Mobile Marketing campaign is essential to execute these appropriate practices. Increase your conversion!

If your goal is, for example, to get more sales, the first thing you should do is focus on the process of it, in recapturing users already interested in the brand. If instead the purpose is to expand your audience because you have just started, it is best to optimize your content for searches in the app stores or from mobile browsers.

Since the arrival of the smartphone, the visits are split and the conversion shows abnormal tendencies. For example, many websites receive quality visits from mobile devices, but they cannot convert. However, although the visits from the desktop computer diminish yes they convert, and much more!

What happen? Simply that Mobile Marketing does not always convert. Next, this article going to present you the main techniques that some digital marketing companies have used in improving the conversion of different objectives from mobile devices.

1. Optimize the ASO, SEO and App Indexing

One of the basic objectives of Digital Marketing is to relate your brand to your main keywords. Optimizing applications or website for certain searches will allow digital marketers and app developers India to make their companies or brands known to potential customers.

In the case of top search engine companies like Google or Yahoo, you must work hard on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you want to convert more and get visits of true quality. While for the stores, you will have to pay attention to the ASO ( App Store Optimization ) that focuses mainly on the title of the app and the description you put, although the screenshots and the icon are also very useful to improve the conversion (in this case get downloads).

In both situations, you should constantly monitor your results and adjust this strategy to get the most out of it. It can also be very useful to know more about App Indexing, if you have an app.

2. The Call to Action buttons

Many times the objectives are focused on the user clicking on a button, whether to subscribe, buy, send some information, answer a question or download a material. When the conversion depends on giving value to a button, you must pay close attention to how they are.

If your button becomes a Call to Action, it is because it has a call to action. How to design it properly? Here are some tips:

A striking color and a good design: There are no prohibited colors, use the design that makes your call to action stand out and invite you to click. It should fit the style of your brand and your app, but be flashy to want to use it.

Be original with the text: Sometimes having a copywriter is very useful. The imperatives seem outdated, and the generic texts do not serve much today. Create a short and concise text that describes what the user will be able to do when using the button.

Clear the landing page: The idea is to clear the page where you have placed the call to action, that the focus is on what the user or client has to do (fill in the form, enter bank details or an email, and make a payment).

Simplicity is the key: Both the button and the process (one-step). It is better not to add flourishes or striking drawings to the call to action, in the same way that it is better that the process for a conversion be quick, better in one step than in three. Especially on mobile phones where space is limited, you should only ask for the necessary information.

The location of the button: It should be clearly visible on the page, and always within reach of the finger. And the sooner you appear in the navigation the better. In mobile it is very common to find it in the middle of the screen, where the finger reaches perfectly.

3. Personalized Email Marketing

Mobile marketing

A digital classic is Email Marketing. Now with the large number of tools that allow you to analyze and track what happens with your emails you can get much more juice.

If you want to send emails that are related to what that user or future customer is interested in your brand, do not miss the information campaigns! Take advantage of its scope and offer it through personalized Email what you know the user is interested in.

For your part, do not forget that more than 80% of users read the email from their mobile devices, so you should optimize the contents for this support. Brevity will be your best ally, both in the subject of the email and in the content. And remember the basic rule in Mobile Marketing: Visual resources can be more useful than text.

4. User experience in Mobile Marketing

Of course a very simple technique and that not all pages or applications apply is to offer an excellent user experience. Getting a user to buy in your m-commerce means making the product search and purchase process a rewarding experience.

A good experience always increases the conversion of objectives! Reinvent the process and you will see how new users start generating more sales.

5. Engagement

If a client feels in tune with your brand, if you are hooked to your app, you will get to visit it frequently and more times convert those goals that you have marked for your page.

One way to maintain and increase the level of engagement is through many techniques, from gamification, giving discounts, offering content or exclusive products for user / client loyalty.

Finding your perfect combination of techniques requires time, work and much, much, analysis of the results obtained. These five techniques are your starting point to improve your conversion of goals and optimize your Mobile Marketing strategy.