“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present” Abraham Lincoln


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not that the past was so quiet really, with the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, the 2000/2001 Dot Com Boom etc….

The quote is by Abraham Lincoln and mentioned by Tom Watson in his blog on Open Source Giving at

Are we really looking at a merging of business and philanthropy? I believe Tom Watson implies as much, by citing as an example of a or profit social enterprise: Google.org

Just had a very interesting conversation with MM about the merging of journalism and citizenship – of the societies of writers and readers. Citizen Journalism emerged when Dan Gillmor left the San Jose Mercury…the business model is still evolving.

So then we come to the merging of businesses and customers within social networks….

Business HAVE to shift from a “Build it and They Will Buy” mode, simply because there is no Cash to build it during the storm present. The credit crunch has taken care of that.

Customers HAVE to shift from a “Wait and See” mode, because they want to enjoy many of the benefits that make life better, without paying for the things that they don’t need.

What is the “Innovation Exchange” that will allow customers to express their needs wants and desires so that businesses can respond cost effectively and quickly?

Please share YOUR insights – let’s gather the tiny beacons of light within our community – that will help steer us through the stormy present.


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