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Are Salespeople Screwing Up B2B Marketing Performance?

Blog post by on June 23, 2014

I sat pondering another in a burst of self-serving emails sent last week by salespeople who obviously lack any discipline in prospect research or the energy needed to attempt meaningful personalization. As one of the emails was …

The B2B Funnel is Now a Sieve

Blog post by on June 9, 2014

The buying process has gotten messy for B2B marketers. This easy access to information means that engagement one second can turn into disinterest in the next. Every new channel puts a hole in your funnel. (Although I’ve …

B2B Marketers Need to Understand Technology

Blog post by on May 13, 2014

I attended a webinar this morning, What Marketers Need To Know To Achieve Content Marketing Success, with Robert Rose and Steve Walker. It was a good session focused on the technology needed to empower content marketing. You …

B2B Buyers Choose Their Own Adventures

Blog post by on May 2, 2014

I was reading this blog post interview with Paul Greenberg over on Hubspot’s blog about defining customer engagement and one of his examples stuck out to me. The essence of it was “don’t make decisions for your …

B2B Marketers Need a Fresh Perspective

Blog post by on April 9, 2014

In response to my last post, Product is Not the Hero of a B2B Company’s Story, Michael Webb asked a great question. I started to answer it and then decided the answer deserved its own post. Michael …