Super Bowl 2013 Emotional Connection Ads


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SuperdomeVery few companies can or should afford to use advertising to cement an emotional connection. Coke probably should and doesn’t really. However three Super Bowl 2013 ads seem to have that focus:

1. The Budweiser Clydesdales: This is a classic series that Super Bowl viewers for any period of time will recognize. This year’s installment was, as usual, excellent. I assume it works for Bud and achieves an outcome they want.

2. Ram Truck’s Paul Harvey narrated ad: An outstanding ad to drive emotional connection. Perhaps a bit too long, but still well-done. Is that what Ram Trucks needs to invest in at this time to achieve their goals? I have no idea, and it seems a stretch to believe this will help them “move the market-share needle,” but I still found the ad “Super Bowl” worthy.

3. Oprah Winfrey’s Jeep ad: I liked this one, but my wife felt it was a bit too obvious what Jeep was trying to do. She is a Jeep fan, but did not feel the ad was “authentic.”

This type of advertising is “fun” and can be seductive. However, for most companies it is inappropriate given what they really need to do to drive trial and purchase. Companies like Coke and Budweiser can, but I am not so convinced it was the right approach for Ram or Jeep.



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