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Why Call Center Training, By Itself, Doesn’t Work

Blog post by on May 13, 2012

I know this may sound strange coming from a principal of a company that provides call center training around the globe. However, my colleagues and I truly believe 100% in the following statement: Call center training, by …

The Winning Mindset for Call Center Management

Blog post by on March 27, 2012

Ok, so you are extremely busy, moving from one meeting to another, from one project to another, checking on the status of this system and that process. You have barely had a chance to breathe throughout your …

When is the Best Time for Executive Coaching?

Blog post by on March 21, 2012

Lisa, our Vice President of Marketing, is having some issues. She is not getting along very well with some other members of the executive team, and she seems to be executing on her own agenda. She could …

Net Promoter Score – Nothin’ But Net!

Blog post by on March 12, 2012

Another season of March Madness is upon us! For the next three weeks, sports fans throughout the United States will be tuned into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament and basketball fever will be in full swing. …

How to Create a Customer-Centric Organization

Blog post by on February 7, 2012

The goal of any professional sports team is always to win the ultimate prize. As many of us saw this past weekend, in American football, the ultimate prize is the Super Bowl. In European football, it’s the …

Sustaining Customer Loyalty: Do You Think You Can?

Blog post by on January 23, 2012

I am sure you remember the children’s story The Little Engine That Could. The tough little blue engine just doesn’t quit. He sees the hill in front of him, musters the courage to tackle it and begins …