4 Outbound Prospecting Metrics You Should Know [New Research]


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I am unbelievably excited to release Issue #2 of the Outbound Index.

My partner in crime Pete Gracey & I have spent the last few weeks cranking away on our set of transactional CRM data to bring you an answer to the eternal question:

If my Outbound Prospectors target 1000 accounts this quarter, how many opportunities will they put into the Sales Organization’s pipeline?

For the entire story, download the full report. But briefly, I want to highlight four items that jumped out at me.

4 Outbound Metrics You Should Know

The point of all this isn’t to throw numbers at you, but to get you thinking about how to measure, benchmark, and manage your own Outbound efforts.

Pete & I look forward to your feedback and to helping you create your own Outbound Index. So have at it!

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The Outbound Index


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