What’s Holding You And Your People Back? (Hint: It Might Be You!)


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What’s holding you and your people back? Unnecessary rules and procedures apparently! That’s according to a new report from the CIPD. They say that the most common hurdles to employee productivity are …

  • Unnecessary rules and procedures (28%)
  • Not having the resources available to do their jobs (28%) and…
  • Office politics (24%)

Their survey of UK employees also identified the things that allowed people to be more productive in their job as…

  • ‘Interesting work’ (40%)
  • Being able to use their own initiative (39%) and…
  • Being given tasks which complement their skills (25%)

So, what can you do about this? Well, it might seem obvious, but how about these simple questions…

Here are some simple questions to put to your people (and yourself!)

  1. ‘What’s holding you back’? (Please be prepared that the answer might be ‘you’!)
  2. What motivates and demotivates you around here (again, be prepared that could be you too!)
  3. What do you want from your manager?

Simple stuff I know, but it’s clear that lots of people are not asking these questions!


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