The Principle Of Social Selling


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Much has been said about sales in the social web. All the way to “the end of sales”. The ever selling species may have just tipped over, being so salesy that they are just making no sales anymore. To the contrary they argue rightfully that quota pressure and old processes just don’t allow them to be successful. Regardless, who is right or wrong – sales people are probably the most social people in a company.
I guess sales people will remain to be important middle men and women between customer and a producing organization. But the reason for being important and successful is changing with changes in our mega connected business society. The following white paper may provide some inspiration:

Andy Rudin and I worked on this white paper to inspire sales and non sales people to think outside the beaten path to help an organization stay relevant.

There is much more to say than 10 pages can communicate. So we will run webinars, training and help organizations implement a more relationship driven sales organization.

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