Your CRM Guide: The Power of Corporate Memory


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In every company employee turnover is a challenge. Apart from the replacement and other associated costs, an underestimated disruption is just how many of your company’s relationships with customers are walking out with the employee? What other relationships are a cause of concern?


The introduction of a properly structured and easily administered system described already in this document minimises this risk. You cannot replace a personal relationship but very often in a B2C (business to consumer) environment the ability of the company to retain and retrieve relevant information and the customer is of higher importance. In a more personalised relationship of key account management, while it is not possible to retain the unique dynamic of a relationship at least one can replicate the history of the account and pass all key data on to the replacement key account manager.

The powerful knowledge from personal and professional relationships found in your CRM system increases the value of your business so CRM becomes an appreciating asset.


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